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An Interrupted Day


Life Interrupted Life gets interrupted and some days our plans simply don’t go as planned. Some days our lives are interrupted and our focus is redirected. The week of Thanksgiving our family has experienced such an interruption. My day was all planned, we were going to work on some cooking and holiday preparation. Our extended family has been through a lot…

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Health Struggles

Weight Loss: 9 Steps to Keep Motivated

  Working Towards Weight Loss Last week I talked a bit about how the past few months have been going in the area of my weight loss and developing healthy habits. If you missed that post you can read about it at My Weight Loss Journey. This week I want to share with you a little bit about my plans as…

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Health Struggles, Healthy Eating

Ten Years of Questions

Since I first got sick I have been looking for treatments and options to help ease the pain in my body. I tried medications that the doctor prescribed for me. Nothing really seemed to help, and the side effects just were not worth the cost. I did not see the sense in taking a medication that left me feeling the…

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