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Constant Chaos

Amy / December 10, 2017

Season of chaos I am currently living a season in my life that seems to consist of constant chaos. Have you experienced seasons like that? Those times when everything seems to be happening at once and life just won’t slow down for anything. Now our season of chaos isn’t due to busy schedules or holiday activities. It is the season…

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An Interrupted Day

Amy / December 4, 2017

Life Interrupted Life gets interrupted and some days our plans simply don’t go as planned. Some days our lives are interrupted and our focus is redirected. The week of Thanksgiving our family has experienced such an interruption. My day was all planned, we were going to work on some cooking and holiday preparation. Our extended family has been through a lot…

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Moving Foward

Amy / November 25, 2017

Stepping Forward in Faith How is the Laundry Pile moving forward? In the last post that was originally posted in February of 2017, and updated just this week on November 20th, 2017 I shared a few updates on our family. I also posed the question: What is next for this blog and what are my plans moving forward? I will…

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Preparing Older Children for New Baby

Amy / September 2, 2015

Preparing Older Children for New Baby Are you expecting a new little bundle? Being pregnant can bring so many fun and exciting things along with it. The movement of the baby, the shopping for little tiny clothes and the packing of that diaper bag can be such a sweet time. With each one of my babies I enjoyed each step…

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Fall Plans

Amy / August 25, 2015

Where have I been?   I have been quiet for a little bit. My family and I were able to take a vacation and I was able to take a little bit of a break before we dive back into school in about a week. Taking breaks away from social media is a good experience for me. I find it…

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Media Choices

What we view on TV impacts how we think, and if we are not careful we are going to fill our hearts with things we shouldn't.
Amy / July 13, 2015

Keeping up Appearances Some time ago my daughters danced with glee while watching a Barbie movie. I do not like Barbie, and was hesitant about letting them watch the silly thing at all. As I watched them get excited, and dance along with the characters on the screen,  and get anxious and nervous as the tension rose, I was reminded…

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