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Choosing Thankfulness

Choosing Thankfulness Do you find it difficult to be thankful sometimes? Do the cares of this life, and the daily struggles pull you away from being thankful?  I find that certain weeks and months I am more focused on my own issues than I am focused on being thankful. I find that when I can get my eyes off myself,…

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Reminders for us.

As we are getting started on our Home School year I have been looking back at previous blogs.  I found this one and it was a great reminder to me about keeping self-controlled during times when it is difficult to keep our tongues. This post was originally posted at Amy’s Rantings on October 7, 2013. Tone of Voice Do you…

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A Rest Day.

Sunday was nice rest day for me. I got some mild physical activity but mostly we spent the day playing and sleeping. It was a fun way to end the summer for us. It wasn’t too hot but it was warm enough for some water fun.                     Time to dance!   I served at church. Which is nice for me.…

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The cost.

My garden. It is still a bit shabby but I made good progress yesterday. It was a nice time to be outside. The weather was beautiful. And it is such a treat for me to be outside. Today I woke up terribly sore and weak. Today I have managed to get the basic things done around the house, but I…

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Spiritual health

Tending the Gardens of Our Hearts

Tending our hearts is something that needs to be done with diligence

Summer time has arrived! The garden is creeping along. I am enjoying being able to watch the plants grow and fill in the space I have cleared for them. When I am able to sit in my garden and work at pulling weeds or planting some new little plant, my mind often goes to the same place.  How like a…

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Health Struggles, Suffering


Circumstances can leave us feeling weak, but our circumstances and conditions do not determine how God feels about us.

For the past 10 years I have been dealing with Fibromyalgia and an undiagnosed autoimmune disease. My Rheumatologist has said that there is nothing more she can do for me until I get sicker. Hmmmmm that isn’t very nice to hear. I have spent the past 10 years learning what triggers my symptoms and what doesn’t. What things make me…

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Spring Time!

Spring! Everything is Fresh and new again

  I just love Spring. Everything is so fresh and clean. The trees get this new green color to them as they develop their new leaves. The birds are singing, and I hear them because my windows are open. I love Spring time and the joy it brings. I have been digging in the dirt and planting a garden. I…

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Mommas Never Get A Day Off.

Moms Never Get a Day off

Here I sit with a stuffy head, sneezes, achy body, and all sorts of other lovely maladies from the cold that is being shared within my household. I wish I could just call into work and say ” I am sorry but I am too sick to work today. ” And to hear in return, “Oh I hope you feel…

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