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When Your Spouse seems Far away

Make allowances for others faults, because the Lord forave you first.

I have been married almost 8 years. In those years there is one thing that keeps happening to me and my husband. We are constantly drifting apart. I remember hearing from christian teachers, pastors and counselors that this is a common problem in marriages and that I should expect it to happen to my marriage. I didn’t really believe it…

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Leaning In

Have you had one of those weeks when everything seemed to be going the wrong direction between you and your husband? Communicating with him seems impossible and there is something happening at every turn to push you away from your husband? That is the time to be leaning in, not pulling away. I have had weeks like that. Weeks when…

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Marriage and Culture

In the past three years or so I have seen three separate couples in my neighborhood alone get divorced. Two of those couples were married after I was and then divorced within less than five years. One of the couples is still in process of divorce. One thing I find very interesting about all of these breakups is they all…

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Giving up My Rights

Getting married was an eye-opening experience for me. I had lots of ideas of what married life would entail and how my life would change once I got married. After returning home from the honeymoon I was surprised how much changed. I basically believed that being married was similar to being single, only there was someone around to share life…

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