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Media Choices

What we view on TV impacts how we think, and if we are not careful we are going to fill our hearts with things we shouldn't.

Keeping up Appearances Some time ago my daughters danced with glee while watching a Barbie movie. I do not like Barbie, and was hesitant about letting them watch the silly thing at all. As I watched them get excited, and dance along with the characters on the screen,  and get anxious and nervous as the tension rose, I was reminded…

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Attitude Shampoo and Body Wash Review

  I recently had the opportunity to review a product that I was quite surprised about. I was given the Attitude brand shampoo and body wash free for the purpose of review. All opinions are my own. @AttitudeLiving @Influenster #AttitudeatTarget  The Attitude brand shampoo and body wash surprised me a little bit. The name of the brand gave me the…

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Cassani Fogless Shower Mirror: A Review

The Cassani company has given a free Fogless Shower Mirror for Review purposes, all opinions are my own. When my husband learned I was given the opportunity to review this Fogless Shower Mirror, he was very pleased that they did! This mirror has a special coating that prevents the glass from fogging up in the shower. This morning I tested…

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