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A Day Living with Fibromyalgia

What is it like to live with a chronic illness on the day-to-day basis? What does life look like each moment through the day living with Fibromyalgia? Well that is a difficult question to answer because it looks different in every person. My experience with Fibromyalgia looks different from someone else’s because the disease presents differently in every person.  In…

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The cost.

My garden. It is still a bit shabby but I made good progress yesterday. It was a nice time to be outside. The weather was beautiful. And it is such a treat for me to be outside. Today I woke up terribly sore and weak. Today I have managed to get the basic things done around the house, but I…

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Health Struggles, Suffering


Circumstances can leave us feeling weak, but our circumstances and conditions do not determine how God feels about us.

For the past 10 years I have been dealing with Fibromyalgia and an undiagnosed autoimmune disease. My Rheumatologist has said that there is nothing more she can do for me until I get sicker. Hmmmmm that isn’t very nice to hear. I have spent the past 10 years learning what triggers my symptoms and what doesn’t. What things make me…

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