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Moving Foward

Amy / November 25, 2017

Stepping Forward in Faith How is the Laundry Pile moving forward? In the last post that was originally posted in February of 2017, and updated just this week on November 20th, 2017 I shared a few updates on our family. I also posed the question: What is next for this blog and what are my plans moving forward? I will…

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Family, Fibromyalgi, Health, Health Struggles

Parenting and Chronic Illness

Living with Chronic illness can really mess up my plans.
Amy / January 13, 2016

My children live with an extra burden in their lives because their mom has a chronic illness. This means that they have to carry some extra responsibility at times simply because I am unable to do something and I need their help. I wish I didn’t have to add this to my children’s lives, but to be honest there is…

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The Hardship in the Holidays

When Living with a Chronic Illness the holidays can feel like an approaching storm
Amy / November 17, 2014

  We are approaching a very busy time of the year. And to be honest I find busy times to be very taxing. Physically adding anything to my schedule is very difficult. And the more strain I feel physically the more emotional strain I deal with as well. Since I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia I have been learning how to…

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Routine Routine Routine

Amy / October 30, 2014

As many of you know I am living with Chronic Health Conditions.  Yes that is supposed to have an ‘s’.  Most people who have Fibromyalgia seem to have more than one chronic health condition that they live with each day.  During the past 6 months my health dropped down the what I would term as the lowest point since I…

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A Day Living with Fibromyalgia

Amy / September 7, 2014

What is it like to live with a chronic illness on the day-to-day basis? What does life look like each moment through the day living with Fibromyalgia? Well that is a difficult question to answer because it looks different in every person. My experience with Fibromyalgia looks different from someone else’s because the disease presents differently in every person.  In…

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