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Daily Routines

Amy / February 12, 2019

Habit of Routines Routines have not been a big part of our lives for a while. Over the past year our family has lived a rather chaotic and busy life. The days were filled with doctor appointments, homeschool assignments and attempts to keep our home in some semblance of order. The past month has been a completely different experience for…

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Starting A New Year

Amy / January 18, 2019

Looking towards 2019 January is in full swing. We have returned to our routines for our school days. Family has flown away back to their overseas home for ministry. It seems like a calm time is approaching our family. This year I want to seek to be depending on God in all things. I must admit that when it appears…

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Constant Chaos

Amy / December 10, 2017

Season of chaos I am currently living a season in my life that seems to consist of constant chaos. Have you experienced seasons like that? Those times when everything seems to be happening at once and life just won’t slow down for anything. Now our season of chaos isn’t due to busy schedules or holiday activities. It is the season…

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An Interrupted Day

Amy / December 4, 2017

Life Interrupted Life gets interrupted and some days our plans simply don’t go as planned. Some days our lives are interrupted and our focus is redirected. The¬†week of Thanksgiving our family has experienced such an interruption. My day was all planned, we were going to work on some cooking and holiday preparation. Our extended family has been through a lot…

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Moving Foward

Amy / November 25, 2017

Stepping Forward in Faith How is the Laundry Pile moving forward? In the last post that was originally posted in February of 2017, and updated just this week on November 20th, 2017 I shared a few updates on our family. I also posed the question: What is next for this blog and what are my plans moving forward? I will…

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Health Struggles

Where have I been?

Chronic illness
Amy / August 7, 2016

Hello everyone, I want to begin by offering an apology. It has been several months of quiet here. My health has been quite poor over the past several months. It has been filled with several doctor’s appointments and new medications. When you are living with chronic illness things can change quickly and sneak up on us unexpectedly. It seems that…

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Book Review

Learning a new skill: Calligraphy

Amy / August 7, 2016

Over the past few months I have been very quiet here at the Laundry Pile. My health has been a big problem for me over the past several months. During this time I have had the privilege to learn more about a skill that I have wanted to know more about. While being sick there are few things I can…

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Book Review

Freeing our Soul by Pressing Pause

Feeding our Soul
Amy / April 11, 2016

A few years ago, 9 to be exact, I got married. I didn’t expect to have children at the time because of some things my doctors had told me about my health. It turns out that the Lord had other plans for our family. I came home pregnant from the honeymoon. Over the next 5.5 years I was pregnant for…

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Book Review

Are you looking for a Book for Girls?

Amy / March 19, 2016

One of my favorite parts of our home school day is the read aloud time. My kids have enjoyed several books over the past few years, some more than others. This year we have read through a few abridged, young readers versions of The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, and Little Women. I have four girls and one boy, and it…

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