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Daily Routines


Habit of Routines

Routines have not been a big part of our lives for a while. Over the past year our family has lived a rather chaotic and busy life. The days were filled with doctor appointments, homeschool assignments and attempts to keep our home in some semblance of order.

The past month has been a completely different experience for our family. We have had several weeks of routine, and stability. We have managed to keep up with household chores, and for the first time we are still on schedule with our homeschool days. My kids may actually have a full summer vacation this year.

Routines can be rather dull

One thing that has come up for me is that I have been finding myself getting bored working through the same routines day after day for the past 6 weeks. This past week I spent a good bit of time praying about this very issue. I know that the routines are vital for my family and the well-being of myself and my household. Yet, the dailiness of routines can be hard. Our average day looks like this:

  • Get up
  • Bible Time for me
  • Make breakfast for family
  • Eat
  • Clean up breakfast
  • Start school
  • Make lunch
  • Clean up lunch
  • Finish school
  • Walk
  • Afternoon chores
  • Supper prep
  • Supper
  • Clean up supper
  • Evening Chores
  • Family Bible time
  • Bed.

My days are really that predictable. I may not walk every day. Some days we have appointments, but we still have the daily routines that we walk through. These routines keep my home running, they keep my family healthy. They provide space for me to take care of myself. Yet it gets boring. I am a stay at home mom. I don’t have to leave the house that often. These facts are things I love, but at the same time can get to me after a while.

Discipline is Key to routines

I find myself getting restless and wanting a bit more excitement. Yet I remember those days just a few months ago when I longed for the dul days of regular routine. So what is going on in my heart? This was the question I was praying over last week.

I believe the issue for me has been a matter of discipline. I want to be comfortable. And daily routines can be comfortable for a time, but not for too long. I want to break out of my responsibilities and do all the fun stuff. Do you remember as a student in school those last few months before school would be out for the summer? It was hard to focus, and hard to concentrate because all you could think about was the fun and freedom of the summer days. I think that is part of what is happening for me lately.

Choosing Thankfulness for routines.

So instead of allowing myself the freedom to wander and do things outside of the routines that I know are what my family needs. I am leaning into my routines and embracing the dailiness, reminding myself to be thankful for where we are. Thankful that I don’t have to be rushing off to appointment after appointment while the doctors try and figure out what is wrong with my children. I can be thankful for the regular sleep schedule that is really beneficial for my health. I can be thankful for the opportunity to really clean and declutter parts of my home that have been neglected for far too long.

God has called me to care for and nurture my family. I can’t do that well if I am not keeping myself disciplined even during the times that are dull and quiet.

What about you, do you find times when you are struggling with the doldrums of life? How do you handle those feelings? How do you manage to keep the priorities where they need to be? I would love to hear your thoughts.

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