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Searching For God in the Little Things

Little Flower

Little Lovelies

Lately I have been looking more closely at the little things. Have you ever noticed the delicate care that God took when designing some flowers? This delicate beauty shown in the picture above was so fragile that the stem came off shortly after the picture was taken. Such a little thing, yet it has been created with a powerful beauty that can easily be missed. I know that I have personally trampled on such little flowers more often than I realize.

Life keeps us from noticing the little things doesn’t it. We focus on the big important things that are happening all around us and we don’t take the time to stop and look at the little lovely things that God has created.

Little Reminders

My Daughters have been a wonderful reminder to me about taking the time to look at the little lovely things that God has scattered about my daily life. Look around you can you see them?

  • The sun peeking through a gap in the curtains.
  • The way the light plays on the surface of a soap-bubble.
  • The pretty rainbow of color that is seen in those wet oily spots on the surface of a parking lot as we go stomping by.
  • The sweet whiskers of a little kitten.
  • The comfort of a precious dog who is always by our feet.
  • The flowers, or abundant works of art brought to us by our children.

Seeing the Little in midst of the Big

Back in November my oldest daughter had to have emergency surgery. Since that time we have been back to the emergency room with that same daughter. We have been to countless doctor’s appointments with two other daughters. In additions we have been through the experience of our 4-year-old having to under go a Colonoscopy and Endoscopy. (Let me tell you walking a 4-year-old through a colon prep is no ‘little’ thing!)

We are facing new diagnoses for two of my daughters. Each girl is facing a life-time of lots of little annoyances and big problems as they learn to live with the diagnoses that they have received.


I have been so caught up in the big things that are happening around our family that I have stopped paying attention to the little things. So caught up that I forget to see God in the little details of this lovely world around me.

The big questions have been heavy on my heart. My own health has been a struggle for me for more than 13 years. Now two of my daughters are facing lives of pain and struggle due to their own health problems. In addition I am watching, and helping my children navigate their Grandmother’s very serious health struggles. Is God absent in the mist of all this pain and suffering?

Little Words from God

I have just finished reading “Choosing Real” by Bekah J. Pogue. (I did not receive this book for review. It was a book I purchased for my personal reading.) In it Bekah J. Pogue candidly walks us through the raw emotions and struggle that she lived through following the death of her father. I spent a large portion of this book with tears streaming down my cheeks. I loved her reminder that God does declare himself in those quiet moments when everything seems so out of our control.

Last week, Monday to be exact, I found myself in a waiting room. My youngest daughter was in the middle her scopes and God showed up in a beautiful way. I was not fearful. Nor was I anxious. I felt rest from the comfort that God could control this situation that I had no control over. I could just rest in the fact that the God who holds the world in his hand also knows the intricate workings of my daughter’s little body and was guiding the doctor’s hand.

Our future is still not fully known. As I write this post I am still waiting for all the test results from my daughter’s scopes to come back. We are expecting certain results, but we don’t fully know. Yet I can trust that the God who designed that small tiny flower pictured at the top of this page is directing all of our steps.

If you are looking for another book that is full of encouragement check out my review of “One More Step”.


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