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Constant Chaos

Season of chaos

I am currently living a season in my life that seems to consist of constant chaos. Have you experienced seasons like that? Those times when everything seems to be happening at once and life just won’t slow down for anything. Now our season of chaos isn’t due to busy schedules or holiday activities. It is the season for those things and we have a few added things on our calendar, but the chaos isn’t due to those few added activities.

Over the past month, we have been to a family funeral, we have learned my youngest daughter has a lifelong health problem, and my oldest daughter has had to have emergency surgery. Most recently my mother in law is recovering from transplant surgery. Things have just been happening one after another, and I find myself wondering what will happen next.

I feel like we are being pounded over and over again with major life-changing things. I just want to find quiet and hide away from all responsibility and eat ice cream and binge watch Netflix. Yet I am a mother of five beautiful children that need my constant attention and care. I am a wife to a man who is watching his parents walk a very difficult road, even if that road is encouraging at this time. I have to shoulder this weight and face the storm. Can I tell you something? I am so very thankful that I don’t have to face this storm alone. I have a precious Lord who has all this in his hands. He knows what is happening and he has every bit of it in the palm of his hand.

Changing my View

Worship in Chaos

During our church service today I was reminded of where my focus should be in the midst of all this chaos. Our service today was on Exodus 33-34. The passage of Scripture where Moses boldly asks God to “Show me your glory”. Consider the boldness of Moses’ request. He asked the God of the universe to show himself.

Have you ever wanted to see God? I have had moments when I wish I could sit down with God and see him and touch him. I have often envied the disciples and their opportunity to be with Jesus. They were able to live life right along-side Jesus. What a precious gift.

In the sermon taught by one of our teaching pastors, Matt Williams, he talked about the worship that was involved in Moses’ request. He wanted to experience a precious and intimate moment with God. We may not be able to see God the way Moses did, but we can worship God whenever we desire.

I believe that worship can help us to refocus our attention off of our struggles, chaos, and pain. We can then put our attention on to God and what He has done for us in our daily struggles.

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