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An Interrupted Day



Life Interrupted

Life gets interrupted and some days our plans simply don’t go as planned. Some days our lives are interrupted and our focus is redirected. The week of Thanksgiving our family has experienced such an interruption. My day was all planned, we were going to work on some cooking and holiday preparation. Our extended family has been through a lot over these past months, and a time together is a much-needed respite. Then we arrived on Tuesday morning.

I had planned for the kids to have off from School for the whole week. I planned to use that time to cook some yummy goodies for the Holiday and to clean the house, all the typical things that need to be done in the days before a holiday. Monday had been a very pleasant day, filled with chores and routine. The type of day that my heart thrives on. Then everything was interrupted by something I could never have expected.

Life gets messy

Tuesday started off much earlier than I anticipated. My oldest daughter woke me up with severe stomach pains. I wasn’t fully sure what we were dealing with, but I had some suspicions. So I worked through my normal treatments for tummy troubles. Only this time nothing was working. I was feeling very interrupted, I had so many plans had for this normal Tuesday. Yet my daughter just wasn’t getting better, my heart was fully focused on what I could do to help her feel better. I had her get warm shower wondering if maybe that would help her body to relax and take her mind off of the pain she was experiencing. Instead of helping it seemed to make matter worse. She got out of the shower and cuddled up on the couch with a thick blanket while her whole body was shaking from head to toe.

After working through everything I could think of I finally called my mother. Don’t we all call our mothers when we have reached the end of our ropes? Well, I have an advantage over most. My mother is a retired nurse. She had me check a few things and then told me to call our pediatrician. She was suspecting appendicitis. I called my pediatrician and they told me to bring her in right away.

Interrupted, even more

I want to point out here that my daughter’s symptoms did not really look like appendicitis. Her pain was severe, but it was all over the place. It wasn’t just on the lower right side of her belly. The pain she was experiencing was on her shoulders, and on her left side as well as right below her sternum. She was having rebound tenderness, but it wasn’t severe. Her symptoms just didn’t look like true appendicitis. Yet, a mother often knows that there is something just not right. I had no idea what that thing was, but I knew there was something serious with my daughter.

We were able to get to the pediatrician’s office quickly. The doctor who saw her did not feel confident that she had appendicitis. He seemed to believe that she was dealing with something else.  There is a pretty nasty stomach bug circulating in our area, and her symptoms really did look like that. I spoke up and reminded him that my children don’t present like you would expect. Referring to my 8-year-old daughter whose Hashimoto’s presented like growing pains, but different. Then I  pointed to my 4-year-old daughter and asked him if she looked like a child with a malabsorption problem? He then decided to send us to the hospital for an ultrasound.

More Questions

At that, I packed all five kids into the car and we headed to the hospital which is 30 minutes away from where we were. I am so thankful that I was able to call my mother and father who were able to meet us at the hospital and take the younger 4 kids back to their house.

This began the long wait. We arrived at the hospital around 11:00 am. We got up to the Ultrasound department fairly quickly. Ultimately two Ultrasound techs scanned my daughter, I didn’t know it until later, but they were having trouble finding the appendix. Once the scan was completed we waited and waited and waited. In reality, it was only a few hours total. Finally, the pediatrician told me that she would consult pediatric surgery and then we would be able to make the decision about what to do next.

When the surgery residents finally arrived they were doubtful that she really needed surgery. Her symptoms were just not that firm for appendicitis. So they left saying the would discuss the case with their attending surgeon. Finally, the attending surgeon arrived and asked my daughter to get up out of her wheelchair and walk across the room. He knew right then that it was most likely appendicitis. There was a chance that she didn’t have anything wrong with her appendix, but the odds were that she did. The surgeon made the decision the schedule her surgery for 9 am the next morning.

Timely Thankfulness

I am so thankful that all the doctors we saw were willing to go out on a limb and believe me that there was something wrong with my daughter. All the medical staff that laid eyes on my daughter and assessed her situation could have chosen to disregard my concerns as a silly mom who was merely overreacting. Instead, they listened.

After the surgery, the surgeon came out to the waiting room and told me that they caught in just in time. The surgeon told us that her appendix was inflamed but not ruptured. When I finally heard that the surgery was over I felt such relief and thankfulness that my daughter was ok.  We were soon back home and resting.

I wanted to share my experiences because I want all you mothers out there to know it is ok to stick to your guns. Keep your head and don’t lose your temper. (This can be an issue for me at times.) But do not stop if you have a concern for your children. You won’t always be right. Personally, I would rather be wrong and my child to be ok than for something to happen to my child because I wasn’t persistent.

Thanksgiving didn’t look at all like we had planned, but I believe I was more thankful this year than I have in a long time.

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