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One of my favorite parts of our home school day is the read aloud time. My kids have enjoyed several books over the past few years, some more than others. This year we have read through a few abridged, young readers versions of The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, and Little Women. I have four girls and one boy, and it isn’t always easy for him when it comes to choosing a book. Often the books chosen are more inline with the girls preferences than with his.

Welcome the Glimmer Girls

Glimmer Girls

The most recent book I read for our read aloud time was Glimmer Girls: London Art Chase by Natalie Grant. This book was so much fun, it was a fast paced story that all my kids loved, including my son. The story takes the reader along for a trip over to London with the Glimmer family. While in London the girls find themselves in the middle of an unexpected adventure involving the National Gallery and a Renoir painting.

This family is a pretty close copy to Natalie Grant’s real life family. I frequently found myself picturing her girls as the main characters in the book. (I have followed Natalie Grant on Instagram for some time, and she frequently posts pictures of herself and her family.)

There are multiple reasons why I loved this book. To begin with Mrs. Grant’s insights into the characters. It felt at times as if I were looking into the hearts of my own girls as I was reading through the story. She brings to light some of the hidden struggles that our young ladies might be dealing with as they grow, such as comparing themselves to their siblings, and finding their own identity.

Another element I loved about this book is that clear biblical principles are presented throughout the storyline. This book does is not a story about young girls who are dealing with annoying parents they need to get away from, like so many of our pre-teen books are today. Instead the parents are portrayed as active and involved in each element of the girls lives. I love how this book not only clearly teaches solid truth, but also weaves godly characteristics into the individual characters. There are several scenes in the book where Mrs. Glimmer is clearly teaching her daughters Biblical principles. In other scenes we see Maddie struggling with how to apply the teaching and principles she has been taught.

Finally my kids loved this book. They were sad when we finally finished it and begged me to read it again! Even my son, who was not excited to read a book about, “Glimmer Girls” was interested in another book about these interesting young ladies. In fact my 7-year-old came out dressed up as, Maddie the other day, and my 4-year-old said she was Lulu.

This book would make a great read aloud book or a book for your young girls to read. I am really glad Natalie Grant is expanding her work into the area of books. I look forward to more, and so do my kids.


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