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Finding healing in a place of heartbreak.

Healing from devestation.

It is a heartbreaking truth, but many people have been impacted by the effects of sexual trauma, abuse, and health conditions. It seems like it is impossible to watch the evening news without hearing about another case of sex trafficking or of some other horrific even that a poor young woman has suffered. Sexual trauma whatever the cause leads to so many struggles throughout life. In my own personal life I have family members on both sides of the family who have been traumatized by sexual abuse in their lives. It was shocking when everything came to light, and yet there was an underlying awareness that something wasn’t right even before the knowing.

Healing from devestation.

In the book Surprised by the Healer by Linda Dillow and Dr. Juli Slattery, we get to know Nine brave women who share their stories. Some of the stories shocked me, others seemed too close to home, but in all the stories the evidence of God’s healing is miraculous. God desires us to be whole, even when we are damaged by either our own sinful choices or those sinful choices of those around us.

As a mom of five kids, four of whom are girls, I pray that these horrific things shared in this book never happen to my own children. I am thankful though for the ministry of Dr. Juli Slattery and Linda Dillow who are working tirelessly to bring healing in an area of women’s lives that often remains hidden due to the shame that is caused by the very trauma they suffered.

If you are a victim of sexual trauma or struggle with the sexual side of your marriage for whatever reason I recommend this book. Each chapter gives the story of an amazing woman who has suffered much and also experienced powerful healing. At the end of these testimonials either Dr. Slattery or Linda Dillow give tips and Biblical wisdom on steps that can be taken to find the healing that these brave women have found.

**I received this book FREE from Moody Publishers, Chicago for the purpose of review. All opinions are my own.


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