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Who do you believe?

Who do you Believe?

It seems like everywhere you look there is someone else who is teaching a new idea. Every day there is a new book, a magazine article, and even a celebrity on TV who is teaching a new idea or spiritual belief. There seem to be many television preachers who are sharing a form of the gospel that at times appears to be true. These teachers sprinkle truth in right along side the lies that they are teaching. It seems so insidious at times, it can be hard to really know who is telling the truth and who isn’t. I am not saying that every television preacher is telling lies, but I do believe that as followers of Jesus we have to approach those teaching the gospel with caution. We have to test their words against the truth of scripture.

Do you believe God over the culture?

I have seen this in our study in the book of Job this past week. We have spent the past week listening the Elihu as he claims that Job is wrong, arrogant, and clearly doesn’t know God. On the surface of these chapters it can be easy to assume that perhaps this young man has truth that he is sharing with Job. When we read verses that describe God’s power and his ability to do all things we begin to think, well Elihu has some good things to say maybe he finally has an argument for Job to hear. Elihu has a lot of truth in what he is saying to Job. But it isn’t all truth. He accuses Job of being wicked and secretly trying to do evil things. Elihu realizes that one of the big issues is how Job and his friends view God. Yet, this young man still errs on the side of his companions.

Do you believe that what God is doing is better than what your culture is telling you?

When we look a little closer we see more of Elihu’s heart. We see an arrogant young man who has a vision of God that is still too small. He believes that God works in a powerful way that is beyond our ability to understand, which is true, and his argument actually makes Job’s point without Elihu even realizing it.

Job has been telling his friends the whole time that he is innocent and he doesn’t understand why God is allowing the treatment that he is experiencing. Job has been trying to explain to his friends that God is bigger than his friends realize and that God works in ways that they don’t understand and in ways that sometimes doesn’t make any sense. Job knows his own heart, and he is confident in his own righteousness, his friends on the other don’t have the same confidence. They believe that Job is either lying, or has deceived himself. They know a lot of truth about God, but they also have accepted a lot of untruth about God as well. I think we are often guilty of this more often than we want to realize. We have listened too closely to our culture.

When we listen to all the voices that we hear in our culture, it can be easy to get confused. There are many voices trying to tell us that things that the Bible clearly says are wrong, those things aren’t really wrong. The Bible must have made a mistake on that point. These ideas are presented in such a way that is convincing and believable. We can easily fall into the trap that is being set for us. We are too accepting of our cultures beliefs, and we don’t evaluate them in the light of what the Bible says is true.

How are we able to tell the truth from the lies?

We need to keep our eyes focused on the author of truth.

God is unchanging. Even when our culture changes, and chafes under the ideas of truth found in the Bible, God hasn’t changed. The truth set forth in scripture does not change regardless of what we may feel about those truths.

God is all-knowing. When God gave the Bible to us he knew all that would be in our culture right now. He knew that we would believe many things that go against scripture. He also knew that the Greek and Roman culture that we look upon so highly would also disagree with the truth of scripture.

God is all present. God lives outside of time. He is with us now, he was with our parents and grand parents. He will be with our kids and grand kids. God has been, is now, and forever will be the same in all things.

We can know truth regardless of what our culture wants us to believe. The very statement “There is No absolute truth.” is a fallacy. It contradicts itself. That statement claims to be an absolute truth which it also claims is non-existent.

That is one small example of the lies that our culture expects us to accept. We need to be wise and discerning and not simply accept as truth everything that is presented to us. God is bigger than anything we will face in our lifetime, and we can rest in that unchanging quality of his nature.

There is such comfort in this constant all-encompassing character of God. God knew all you would do before you ever did it and he died for you knowing the sins you would commit. God loved you even in the midst of your sin and wanted to make a way for you. God knows the health issues you are struggling through right now. God knows all about that child that is breaking your heart. God knows and he cares.


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What do you believe?


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