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Trusting God Even in our Desperation

Desperation, we are left alone and isolated.

Desperation, we are left alone and isolated.

Life can be so overwhelming at times. There are some days when we walk through each day like we are simply able to put one foot in front of the other foot. Where is God when we have days like this? Does God forget us some days?

Job expresses his desperation

This week we have just finished our second week in the book of Job. In chapters 6-10 we find Job having a conversation with his friends. Job is sharing his heart, his feelings of desperation and his total loss as to why this situation has hit him and his family.

I have never experienced the level of horror that Job is experiencing in these chapters. I have lived through some pretty difficult things, but not to this level. I can understand why Job would feel the desperation that he feels, and I pray I never have to go through it.

We got to meet Bildad this week, and he isn’t any better at being a friend than Eliphaz was, who we met last week. Bildad suggest that perhaps it was Job’s children whose sin caused all this calamity that Job is living through. Can you just picture Job rolling his eyes at his friend as he gives his ‘comfort’?

Bildad has the idea that many of us carry around and use as our “practical theology”. What do I mean by practical theology? It means that we often live our lives in such a way that demonstrates what we believe. For example, whether we will admit it or not many of us believe that if we live our lives as good people and do all the right things then God has to come through for us and make sure we have a comfortable and easy life. That isn’t what the Bible teaches. Instead the Bible describes a much more complicated existence that the one we often expect and imagine.

We may not be willing to admit that we believe that, but as long as our lives are going the way we want them to go we are fine and have a great relationship with Jesus. Then as soon as something unexpected or hard hits our life we feel like God has changed and that he isn’t keeping his end of the bargain any more. We become angry at God and question why he has abandoned us in the middle of our darkest time. We can’t see the full reality of our circumstances any more than Job could.

How many times have you seen the post circulating on Facebook that say something like:

“If you click this post and say a prayer then you will be blessed with money or whatever you need in the next 20 seconds.”

These silly images and memes get shared over and over again because so many of us have this superstition that whispers in our head, ‘What if it works?’ So we share it hoping to get some blessing along the way. We convince ourselves it is harmless, but the truth is we are sharing where our hope lies. Our hope needs to be in God’s faithfulness and strength, not in some silly picture.

Job openly shares his heart, he freely shares his fears and he bares his soul to us.

How do you think you would respond if you were in Job’s shoes? Would you have the faith to hold and keep trusting that God is good? Would you believe that the God who created the heavens and earth loves you when the pain sets in?

Are you able to trust even in the dark?

I think this is a prime lesson from the book of Job. Learning to trust even when God puts a blindfold over your eyes.

I pray that I am learning that God is constant. I may not be, and those I love may not be constant, but our God is and He is always faithful even in the middle of our most painful times.


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