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Trim Healthy Mama Plan, the Book

Trim Healthy Mama Plan

A few weeks ago I did a review on the Trim Healthy Mama Cookbook by Pearl Barrett and Serene Allison. Today I have the opportunity to share with you about the book, Trim Healthy Mama Plan also by Pearl Barrett and Serene Allison.

Trim Healthy Mama Plan

I really enjoyed the cookbook, and I am still using the recipes from that cookbook to work towards my healthy living goals. The book Trim Healthy Mama Plan gives a detailed description of exactly how the plan works. In addition to explaining exactly how to work their plan, the authors also share some basic ideas for general healthy living.

One of the most appealing features of this plan is that it does not require calorie counting, and for the most part all foods are allowed. There are some foods that are discouraged, but in general there are no foods groups that are eliminated. Once you learn the basic premise of the plan in theory it is easy to know if you are eating a meal that will help you to lose weight or if you are eating off plan. For a brief video of what the plan is about head over here to the Trim Healthy Mama Plan Page.

Serene Allison and Pearl Barrett are all over social media and if you are interested in following their plan be sure you find them on Facebook, Twitter, and at their blog.

I really find this plan to be rather complicated. It can be a struggle to make sure you are sticking strictly to either an S meal or an E meal. One specific problem I have with the plan itself deals with the idea not having a fat with fruit. The main way these ladies suggest losing weight is by separating the main source of fuel. You are to have either a fat or a glucose as the main source of food with each meal in order to maintain weight loss. Please note: I do NOT understand the full science behind the Trim Healthy Mama Plan. That said, from my understanding, in order to prevent your blood sugar from spiking too rapidly when eating fruit it is necessary to have a fat along with that fruit. This is the primary reason I put either avocado or coconut oil in my morning breakfast smoothies.

In the Trim Healthy Mama Plan to have a fruit which is glucose based and a fat in the same meal would be considered a dual fuel source and would not be considered a weight loss meal.

I personally have found that when I have my fat and fruit smoothies in the morning, I am more prone to lose weight than when I have an alternative breakfast option.

My main problem with this plan is that it is really a complicated plan. I have been following the Facebook page for the Trim Healthy Mama turtles and even women who have been attempting to follow this plan for a while find the plan to be complicated.

Ultimately I have mixed feelings about this book. There are a LOT of really great ideas that can be found in this pages. I have no doubt that following this plan would help someone to lose weight and improve health. The biggest draw back is how complicated the plan is, I think that this could be worked through over time and with lots of practice.

I received the book Trim Healthy Mama Plan Free from BloggingForBooks for the purpose of review. All opinions are my own. For more information please see my disclosure policy


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