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Ten Ways Prayer Helps Us.

Prayer has a lot to give us, if we are willing to develop the discipline.

Prayer helps us a great deal, if we are willing to develop the discipline.

We have made it though have way through our January Prayer challenge. I am so proud of everyone. I have been learning though so much through this process including how prayer has helped me in many ways. I am so glad for what the Lord has been teaching me. I have felt the need for more prayer in my life for many years and the more regular I become in my prayer life the better it gets.

I hope you are learning a ton through this journey as well.

Prayer Helps Us.

I wanted to dig into scripture and see what it has to say about prayer. I barely scratched the surface on the subject to be honest with you. I spent some time just reading through the back of my Bible in the concordance and I found ten ways that prayer actually helps us.

Often we consider prayer as something we do for others. Maybe we even consider it as something that we do because we have to, but often we don’t consider the benefits of prayer.

  • Prayer reminds us who God is. When we pray we often put ourselves in an attitude of worship. In fact I believe that if we are praying the way we should then we are always putting ourselves into an attitude of worship. When we are worshiping God we are considering who He is and what He has done for us. It reminds us who God is. As we remember who he is and what he has done it helps us put our current troubles into perspective.
  • Prayer encourages us to have confidence. In Genesis 18 we see Abraham interceding for the people of Sodom and Gomorrah. He was seeking to save the lives of any righteous people who were in the town. Abraham approached God with humble confidence. Even calling God to be true to his character and not punish the righteous along with the guilty.
  • Prayer reminds us of God’s goodness. When we pray, it often reminds us of those prayers God has already answered. Just recently my husband has been working through some difficult paperwork for his current job. There was one tiny bit of information we were lacking to complete the necessary paperwork. I was getting rather anxious over the issue because I didn’t see how we could get the information we needed. Well I decided to pray about it rather than worry or get upset at my husband. The Lord has opened up a way for us to get what we need. Now we wait. Because I had already been praying for other things, I was mindful of what God had already been doing for our family, and it encouraged me to remember that my God is a good God and he wants what is good for us.
  • Prayer is an opportunity for us to be cleansed. I have heard many people say they feel too dirty to pray. That is one of the best times to pray, because scripture tells us that while we were still sinners Christ died for us. He died knowing all the muck you would ever get dirtied by. He loves you regardless. If you are feeling like you can’t go to God in prayer because of your sin, pray now and let God wash you clean with HIS forgiveness.
  • Prayer develops patience. When we pray we don’t always get a quick answer to our prayers. It is possible to pray for years without actually getting an answer, but when we are persistent in our prayers it develops patience to trust God is working even when we don’t see it happening.
  • Prayer grows our relationship with God. The more time we spend with God the more we learn about him. We can never fully understand God, but as we seek to know him more we grow in our relationship with him a little bit more all the time.
  • Prayer Empowers us. We know that the Bible says that God hears us when we pray. Therefore we can trust that God is listening when we pray. Stop and consider the weight of that. The all-powerful, all-knowing, ever-existing God of all wants to hear what you say. That is pretty amazing isn’t it?
  • Prayer reminds us of truth. As we pray, and as prayer becomes more habitual for us each and every day we learn more and more of who God is. God is truth. Through this process of getting to know God more we are getting to know the source of truth. In a culture today where truth is so fuzzy and ‘unknowable’ I find this to be a precious gem.
  • Prayer is a weapon against evil. We see this portrayed in many ways in scripture. Jesus tells us that Satan asked to sift Peter as wheat, yet Jesus prayed for Peter. Daniel prayed while the angel messenger battled the prince of Persia. Prayer brings us close to God who is our ultimate protection. (Psalm 55:17)
  • Prayer brings healing. When our hearts are hurt we can take that burden before our Lord and ask him to heal our hearts. When our bodies are sick we are told to go to the elders of the church and ask for healing.

Prayer has so much to offer us. I hope that you are learning along with me to be more mindful and intentional about prayer.

We have about eleven days left in our challenge. What have you been learning as you have been seeking the Lord so far?

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