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My Food Journey: Indulge with Intentionality

Learning to indulge with intentionality

Learning to indulge with intentionality

It has been a while since I have done a post about my weight-loss journey. The holidays have come and gone and now I get to harvest all the bad habits that I allowed to be planted over the past few months. I am thankful that the weeds I am finding aren’t as plentiful as they have been in years pass. I see that as significant progress. I had hoped to start a Whole15 on January 1st, but family sickness got in the way. So I may push that back to February. I can’t commit to a full 30 days right now because of birthday parties and such that are happening here, we are right in the middle of birthday season. (We have birthday parties every month for 7 months straight.)

How did I do?

I spent the past several months since my 1st Whole 30, back in October, working to develop more long-term habits that I hope to be permanent elements in my regular diet. Some of these things are:

  • Continuing to drink my coffee without sugar. (I do add stevia right now to my coffee but I can easily remove it when I am doing a Whole30 again.)
  • Remaining Gluten Free – I have found this is really much better for me.
  • Working to add more Whole30 compliant meals to our every day lives.
  • I am considering whether or not I need to remove dairy from my diet. I feel better when I don’t eat dairy, but I do really like to have cheese occasionally. I haven’t made a decision on this one yet.
  • Working hard to be intentional about what I am putting into my mouth. I am getting much better about not eating unless I am hungry. This is a big win for me.

I have also been indulging way too much. One of the first guilty pleasures I found being popped into my mouth way too often was Dark Chocolate M&Ms. I felt these were a good alternative because of the dark chocolate, but the candy coating contains more sugar than I should be eating. An alternative treat that I will allow myself is the dark chocolate covered almonds that I can buy from Aldi. These are a sweet treat, but they don’t have the candy coating that the M&Ms do. One big lesson I have learned from the dark chocolate M&Ms is that the extra sugar in the candy coating actually causes me to crave them more. When I have the dark chocolate almonds from Aldi I don’t eat as many because they have less sugar.

I did enjoy myself over the holidays, but I didn’t indulge quite as bad as I have been known to in previous years. This year I was happy to have the Trim, Healthy Mama cookbook with all sorts of yummy recipes. I made the gluten-free sausage balls from that book, and used my own homemade sausage for the recipe. These were really tasty. I love sausage balls, and I was glad to be able to have them this year.

What comes next?

As I mentioned earlier I am considering a Whole15 beginning the first of February. I want to think about this a bit more and plan some before I commit to it. I am also planning a full Whole30 again in the Spring/ early Summer, once birthday season is completed I will feel like I have more freedom to dive in again.

I have been pleased at the habits I am learning while walking through this food and health journey. I am learning to be indulgent with intentionality. This means that I am making a conscious choice to indulge in the treats and when to indulge. I am working had to avoid mindless snacking and to really consider what I am putting in my mouth.

I still feel that this food journey is more of a spiritual discipline for me than it is about my weight. I want my body to be healthy, yes, but more so I want my heart to be fully submitting to what the Lord has for me and includes developing the discipline of self-control.

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