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Money Making Mom by Crystal Paine

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Money Making Mom

Finding ways to make more money, while at the same time being home and available to your children is a dilemma that many modern moms can relate to. We have tried working in so many different areas, but we want to be available to our children. This can leave us in a quandary as to how to best manage our finances and bring in more income.

The Money Saving Mom, Crystal Paine has written a new book, Money Making Mom. In it, Crystal shares her struggles of starting her own businesses, and how the process has actually grown her in many healthy ways. This book gives women so many things. It encourages women to step out of the stereo-typical ideas that many of us have for sources of income and explore things that may be outside our comfort zones. Crystal Paine encourages us as women to make use of the gifts that God has given us to bless our families, neighbors, and hopefully the world.

This book is different from other books on entrepreneurial-ism, in that Crystal Paine reminds us that we need to be evaluating our hearts as to why we are seeking to make more money. Are we simply striving to have a more comfortable life? Are we wanting to have money to bring ease to our own life? Or are we seeking to use our income to bless those around us who are struggling? Are we seeking to make a difference in the world.

“Always remember that money is first and foremost a tool – something that can not only bring more financial peace and stability into your home but that can make a big difference in your community and around the world.” ~~ Crystal Paine, Money Making Mom.

I really enjoy the refreshing views presented in this book. Crystal Paine not only teaches us how to improve our financial state in our homes, but she also keeps reminding us to evaluate our hearts. Giving to others is really what makes our lives fulfilling. Living our lives to please ourselves will lead us down a path of emptiness

Money Making Mom

I do recommend this book for women who are seeking to improve their financial status. Learning to stretch ourselves and to get out of our normal comfort zones can lead us to places where we not only can grow a business, but also bless others in the process. I also recommend this book for those of us who are considering adding sources of income to our already busy lives. The importance of keeping family and friends a priority as we seek to grow financially helped me to put some things into perspective.

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