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Are you a bad friend?

What sort of a friend are you?

What kind of friend are you? Some days I am not a very good friend. I tend focus on what I am going to say next rather than actually listening well to the person talking. I tend to be quick to make judgments about people and their situations. I don’t always seek the Lord before I give advice, instead I rush ahead with my own ideas. I am not always a good friend at all.

This week we started our study in the book of Job. I have really enjoyed our study so far and I hope you have too. For a remind this week we read through chapters 1-5 and next week we will be jumping into chapters 6-10. I hope you can join us.

If you are looking for more FREE resources please head over the Courtney Joseph has a ton of wonderful resources for our study including a FREE printable book for our current study. You can also purchase a different book from Amazon that was created for our study, but that cost is about $8. You can find the link for both on

What sort of a friend are you?

This week we meet Job. He was called a righteous man by God. Job was so righteous that he actually came up in conversation between God and the devil. God permits the devil to test Job and we see Job lose everything he has. Yet through all this the Bible tells us that Job didn’t sin.

Job has a few friends that come to ‘comfort’ him during his time of suffering. This is what I want to talk most about today. When we read through the book of Job it is easy to feel sorry for Job and feel contempt for those people who are there supposedly comforting him. It is so easy to look at these men and their failures and allow ourselves to think we are better than we really are.

The truth is I think we are actually all frequently guilty of being an Eliphaz. How many times have you found yourself in a conversation with someone and rather than listening you are making a grocery list in your head? Or instead of listening to your neighbor talk about how hard her life is right now, you spend your time thinking about what you are going to say next to demonstrate you are having a tougher time than she is? Or have you found yourself looking at your husband and thinking about all the struggles you have had lately rather than actually listening with an open heart to the things that are coming out of his mouth?

I think that we can all admit to being guilty of being a bad friend in one way or another. Your bad friend habits may look different from mine, but I have a strong feeling you are just as guilty as I am if you are willing to truly examine your heart.

I hope that as we proceed through our study in the book of Job we learn lessons from these friends of Job.

How can you be a better friend this week?


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