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Trusting God Even in our Desperation

Desperation, we are left alone and isolated.
Amy / January 15, 2016

Life can be so overwhelming at times. There are some days when we walk through each day like we are simply able to put one foot in front of the other foot. Where is God when we have days like this? Does God forget us some days? Job expresses his desperation This week we have just finished our second week…

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Parenting and Chronic Illness

Living with Chronic illness can really mess up my plans.
Amy / January 13, 2016

My children live with an extra burden in their lives because their mom has a chronic illness. This means that they have to carry some extra responsibility at times simply because I am unable to do something and I need their help. I wish I didn’t have to add this to my children’s lives, but to be honest there is…

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Entitlement and our Kids, and us

Entitlement and our kids.
Amy / January 11, 2016

Living in the entitlement trap We live in a culture that leaves many people believing that having whatever we want will make us happy, or make our lives more comfortable. This belief even extends to what we buy for our children. The issue of entitlement is a big one today, and it is causing many problems throughout our country and I believe even…

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Are you a bad friend?

What sort of a friend are you?
Amy / January 8, 2016

What kind of friend are you? Some days I am not a very good friend. I tend focus on what I am going to say next rather than actually listening well to the person talking. I tend to be quick to make judgments about people and their situations. I don’t always seek the Lord before I give advice, instead I…

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Does Prayer Matter?

Does my prayer Matter to God?
Amy / January 6, 2016

Why pray? Does it really matter if we pray? Does prayer change God’s mind? Does prayer really impact things at all? There are times when I pray that it feels like what I say is just bouncing off the ceiling. There are other times when I feel like God is right next to me talking with me about the burdens…

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