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The Frost Bible: A Review

I received the Frost Bible by Tommy Nelson from free for the purpose of review. All opinions are my own. For more information please see my disclosure policy.

The Frost Bible

I have been looking for girlie Bibles for my girls. I was really pleased when I got the opportunity to review the Frost Bible by Tommy Nelson publishers. This is a glittery, girlie Bible that even comes with its own little bag. This Bible has several fun features.

Frost Bible
A pictorial time line.
The Frost Bible
Sections that guide your young reader to dig a little deeper.
Frost Bible
Key verses are highlighted to draw attention.

This bible has the typical Bible features such as a map section, a table of contents and a preface. It is also in the International Children’s Bible version. This is a version I am not familiar with and I am looking forward to reading through more of it with my daughter.

I like this Bible for several reasons. First of all it is pretty and current with the frost theme. Secondly I like that the version chosen is easy to read. My girls are reading, but they are not fully confident in their reading so I really wanted a Bible that we easy to read. Finally I like that the gospel is clearly presented . There are several sections scattered throughout the Bible that offer opportunities for the reader to go a bit more in-depth, and these sections include a clear gospel presentation. In addition there are several verses throughout the Bible that are highlighted that also point the reader to the true meaning of the good news.

I am looking forward to my daughter being able to dive into reading the Bible on her own. I hope that this Bible is a favorite.

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