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Prayer Challenge for 2016

Over the past year I have had a growing feeling that I need to be more intentional about prayer and being still before the Lord. A call to more prayer has been something I have felt on my life since I was a teen, only I wasn’t as disciplined about it as I felt I should be.

During this past year there have been some moments in my life that have pushed me to my knees in the realization that I can not live this life without having the Lord pour into my life. I can’t receive the Lord’s teaching into my life if I am not listening and praying. I really feel a need to build a more disciplined prayer life.

Prayer Challenge 2016

Prayer is a discipline.

If you are not intentional about developing a prayer life it simply won’t happen.

I have learned this first hand. I start my day off and spend a little bit of time in prayer during my morning devotions, and then get up to start my day believing I will have more prayer throughout the day. The end result is that I get busy with all my activities and responsibilities that have to get done and I never spend any more time in prayer. I allow the distractions of the day-to-day pull me away.

I want 2016 to be different.
I want to begin growing a prayer life, like I see in the lives of those people whose spiritual lives I admire. I believe that the busier we are the more we need focused time in prayer. So how do we add prayer to our daily routine? Here are a few ideas.

Ways to add prayer to your day.

  • Carry around a prayer journal so that you can write down prayers as you move through your day. How many times have you said to someone I will pray for you, and then you forget all about doing it? Write it down.
  • Put a sticky note in your car reminding you to take a few minutes and pray. If you are at a stop light spend those few seconds to pray about something that is on your heart.
  • Turn off the radio. If you find that you are in your car alone, instead of turning on the radio, spend time praying. Redeem that time to spend with God.
  • Take time to pray while you are preparing supper or washing dishes. Use that time as a time to quiet your heart before you husband comes home from work.
  • Put little sticky notes around your house. On the kid’s bedroom doors for example to remind you to be praying for your children. Or maybe a sticky note on the pantry to remind yourself to trust God for the things that you need.
  • Write down your prayers. This takes a bit more time, but I love writing down my prayers. I find that taking some time at the end of my day even if it is only 5 minutes It really helps to calm my heart and rest in the Lord before I lay my head down on my pillow.

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Are you up for a Prayer Challenge?

I have been thinking about doing a prayer challenge for some time, but I never actually did it. So I want to challenge you all to commit to pray for 5 minutes a day for the month of January. 5 minutes really isn’t all that long, I am sure that if you put to use some of the prayer ideas I listed above you can easily spend more than 5 minutes praying each day.

Are you in? I sure hope that you are. If so please sign up below. You will receive a Free printable prayer journal where you can write down your prayers and keep track of answered prayers. And your choice of 4 Free Cover pages. This can easily be printed up at your local office supply store and bound. I recommend you request they print it at half-size that way it will easily fit into your purse.

Let’s get ready to start off 2016 right.

Sign Up below and you will receive the link for your free Prayer Journal and choice of Cover pages.





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