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Some days all you can do is take One More Step

Note: I received the book One More Step by Rachel Wojo from free for the purpose of review. All opinions are my own. For more information please see my disclosure policy.

A few years into motherhood I found myself stretched, overwhelmed and drowning. The stress of having five children in five and a half years was more than I believed I could handle. I remember saying to my husband more than once, “I am not cut out to be a mother, I think God made a mistake.”

Of course God didn’t make a mistake, but at times I still wonder why he believes I am capable of being a mom to these five amazing kids. I feel like such a failure at times.

During the most difficult times I found that God would give me just enough strength for that day, and sometimes just enough strength for that moment. My health was often poor, and simply getting out of bed was so difficult I wanted to give up and not try any more. Yet I knew God was asking me to just trust him, and take that next step. There are days even now when I find myself in survival mode and I struggle to take that next step. But I can trust that my dear savior is always there when I do.

God establishes our steps, and even when life seems impossible God is still over it all.

In her book, One More Step Rachel Wojo shares her struggles though life in such a vulnerable way it is easy to feel like she is sitting in the room with you, sharing a cup of tea. Rachel shares her own personal struggles and what the Lord taught her as she too learned to take one more step. In each chapter the author wraps her arms around her readers and gently points them back to Jesus. She reminds us what the Bible teaches us about who God says we are, and what He has empowered us to be and do.Some Days

This book also has a free companion study guide / prayer journal that can be printed for free simply by going to As well discussion questions for a group study. I strongly recommend each reader print out the prayer journal. The free prayer journal really helped me to pause and soak in the lessons that Rachel is trying to teach in each chapter. The stepping stones, as Rachel termed them enables the reader to move one more step towards healing.

I highly recommend this book. I found it to be a book that encouraged me in my walk with the Lord, and reminded me of some very important lessons of who God is and what he wants from me.

Find a friend, grab a copy of the book One More Step, print out the prayer journal, grab a cup of tea and get ready to embark on a journey of restoration simply by taking One More Step towards our Lord.

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