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How we obey is important

Learning to Obey is Constant

This past week we have been continuing our study in the book of Numbers. I have been surprised at how the Lord has been really teaching me how important it is to obey God through our Good Morning Girls study. The Lord blesses so much as we are digging into his word. Digging deeper into the Word of God teaches us how to get to know Him more and more through the journey.

This past week we have been reading through Numbers chapters 16 – 20. This is week has been our 4th week in this current study. We have 3 more weeks in our study of Numbers. I hope you are not allowing the busyness of the season to keep you from being in God’s word. Lets continue to dig deep into God’s word as we strive to grow to be women after God’s heart.

Walking with Moses is teaching us that how we obey matters to God.

The people of Israel have been really demonstrating that their hearts are far away from the Lord. We have watched God’s chosen people seem to constantly look for things to complain about. Over the past 10 chapters we see the Israelites threatening Moses and Aaron for one reason or another at least 7 times. These are not little incidents. The people threaten to kill Moses several times throughout these chapters, and at times they include Aaron, Caleb and Joshua as well.

I have shared several times that I have a tendency to be a complainer. I do like to think that I am not ready to kill anyone because I am unhappy, but my heart is prone to be a complainer even still. It is eye opening, and shaming to see how selfish and sinful my heart tends to be. I am way more like the people of Israel that I really want to admit.

Moses is a Man known for his Obedience

Today, I want to look at Moses a little more closely. Throughout all these terrible moments of rebellion and complaining from the people what do we see Moses doing? We see him falling down on his face before the people, and then we see him seeking God.

Moses does get angry a few times, but more prominent is the leader of over 2 million people falling flat on his face before a crowd of rebellious people. Would that be your response?

I find it easy to see the sin of the Israelites, and I find it hard to recognize how my own life mirrors their sins.

I find it easy to look at Moses and think what a great leader and man of God he is, and in my own pride believe that I am more like Moses than the people.

The reality is I am not like Moses at all.

When people around me complain, I get angry.

When I complain I feel justified.

When the little people around me get to be overwhelming, I find it easy to blow up and over react.

When I feel attacked, I respond in anger or by becoming defensive. I don’t respond in humility by falling down on my face.

How We Obey Reflects God

In Numbers chapter 20 verse 12-13 we see that Moses lost his temper. This loss of self-control caused him to miss out on entering the land of promise. I have often looked at this moment in Moses’ life and felt like God was a bit too harsh. I mean, this is Moses. Let’s stop and remember who he was;

  • Met with God ‘face to face’
  • God saved him from a river full of crocodiles
  • God called him from a burning bush.
  • God used him to preform some of the most powerful miracles recorded in scripture.
  • God used him to lead his chosen people to freedom
  • God demonstrated over and over again how he loved Moses and treated him differently.

Yet, when Moses lost his temper he lost out big time!

Verse 12 says,

“But the Lord said to Moses and Aaron, ‘Because you did not trust me enough to demonstrate my holiness to the people of Israel, you will not lead them into the land I am giving them!’” NLT

God wanted Moses and Aaron to be representatives of Him to the People. Moses and Aaron were God’s hands and feet to the rebellious Israelites. Moses failed in his job because he lost his temper.


How often have I lost my temper? I can think of at least three times just this morning alone. I struggle in this area. I can be easily overwhelmed, and fall into the drama of extreme emotion.

This drama doesn’t do me or my children any good at all. I am not demonstrating God’s holiness by allowing myself to lose control this way.

Moses paid a high price for his loss of control.

I don’t know fully what price I will pay for mine, but I am learning to pray regularly asking Jesus to cover my sins with his blood and to repair whatever damage I do by losing control.

The Lord has been demonstrating to me over and over again while we work through our Blogging Through the Bible series that no matter how archaic the book of scripture we are studying may appear it has powerful lessons to teach me. I am thankful that the Lord has given me so much with which to learn and grow in my life with him. I hope that you are learning as much or more than I am. I would love to hear what the Lord is doing in your life either through our Blogging Through the Bible series or through other Bible studies.

If you are interested in learning more about our Blogging Through the Bible series or if you want to join us in our study of the book of Numbers please feel free to jump right in. Next week we will be reading chapters 21-25. One chapter a day Monday through Friday. Please feel free to share what you are learning here or on twitter. If you send a tweet please be sure and tag me, @TheLaundryPile and use the #GoodMorningGirls so that our leader Courtney Joseph can follow along too. Be sure to click the button below for more information. Hope you have a great week.



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