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End results of the Whole30

I am doing the Whole30 starting October 1st

I have made it through my month-long journey on the Whole30! I am honestly surprised and almost amazed that I made it through this journey. I never thought or believed I could discipline myself to this level. But I am glad that I have, the benefits have been pretty amazing. So what are my end results?

Let me walk you through a little bit of my journey.

  • Within the first few weeks my pain levels actually increased.
  • My energy levels also increased, so I kept going and doing things even though my pain was high. It was actually an odd place to be because my body really couldn’t handle all I was doing.
  • My pain levels began to go down.
  • My energy levels also went down. At this point I started getting a bit discouraged. I had been so excited that I had found an answer, and at this stage the doubts began to set in.
  • My energy levels began to slow increase.
  • My pain levels have decreased. I am still having pain, but it is lessened, and I have found that the more sleep I get the less pain I have. When I don’t get enough rest I feel a lot worse.

Through the elimination of the foods that feed the inflammation in my body I have been able to see more clearly how other elements are impacting how I feel. For example I can more clearly see how the lack of sleep impacts my pain levels than I was able to before. It is as if a screen was removed and I can see things more clearly.

I am really glad that I embarked on this process, and I expect that in a few months I will probably do it again. I really found the detoxing from sugar to be a healthy process.

I have been and probably always will be a sugar addict. The elemination of sugar from my diet has been a challenge, but a healthy one for me. It has taught me that I do have the ability to say no, and that I am not forced to put something in my mouth even though I may feel that I can’t stop myself from eating something.

What’s Next for me?

Over the next few months I plan to stay on an eating plan that is what I call, “modified paleo”. One of the biggest problems I faced through this past month was in the area of our grocery budget. It is not cheap to eat this way. In fact it is very expensive. It is possible to do it on a budget, I proved that over the past 30 days. I was able to eat on plan and on budget but it meant that I ate a lot of the same things over and over again because we couldn’t buy some of the alternative options.

So what exactly is a Modified Paleo.

  • I plan to add rice and beans back into my diet. I need beans in my day to day diet for budget reasons. I also like beans and rice. I don’t think they are terribly unhealthy. I am aware of the issue that beans can rob the body of minerals but I believe most of that problem is removed by soaking the beans.
  • I plan to reduce the amount of meat. I ate more meat over the past 30 days than I have eaten in a LONG time. I really prefer a diet that is closer to the vegetarian way of eating. But I do plan to keep meat in my diet for now.
  • The next element I plan to add back in is some sweeteners in limited quantities. I plan to keep processed sugar out of my diet, and use honey or maple syrup as sweeteners. Occasionally I will use Stevia, but only for specific things.
  • I do plan to stay off of gluten, and most grains as I believe these are huge triggers of inflammation for me.
  • I have not fully decided about dairy. I may try and reintroduce dairy and see how my body responds.

Over all I am feeling a bit cautious. I want to keep the momentum going that I have developed over the past month. I want to increase my physical activity and see how my body tolerates it.

I do plan on having some of that birthday cake from my sister’s party that happened at the beginning of the month. 😉

I also plan on allowing some splurges throughout my routine. I will allow myself a few treats over the holidays, and I will probably do another Whole30 once the holidays are over to detox from all the treats and such.

I am really glad that I ventured out of my comfort zone and decided to do something that was hard for me. This past month has taught me more than I ever expected, and I hope I keep learning.

Have you ever done the Whole30? What did you learn? I would love to hear your thoughts, please comment below.

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