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What the First Five Days on the Whole30 have Taught me.

The first five days doing the whole30 have taught me more than I expected.

First Five Days

Today is Monday, I have been on my Whole30 journey for about 5 days now. I have struggled with a few cravings. I had weaned down on my sugar in the weeks before October, but I was allowing myself some gluten-free grains. I have missed those and have craved some of the grains I was eating before. For example I would have a bowl of gluten free Cheerios as a snack in the evening. I have really missed that little treat.

Another interesting element that I have noticed during these five days is that I get hungry before it is time for a meal, and that is often when the temptation to indulge in something that is bad from me is the strongest. But when I eat a healthy meal I am finding that afterward I am more satisfied than I would have been had I actually indulged in the treat I was wanting. I am satisfied with less food, and I am more content with what I am allowed to eat.

I am starting the whole30 starting October 1st. Join me?

More than just five days.

Self-control has been an issue that the Lord has speaking to me about for a long time. He has been quietly whispering in my ear that I need to deny myself more and use more self-control. I didn’t want to hear those whispers. I wanted what I wanted and I didn’t want anyone to tell me otherwise.

Can you relate? ~Sigh~

I am so thankful that the Lord is so patient with me.

The issue of self-control is a problem for me in so many areas of my life. It covers areas of food, time management, my words I speak to those around me. I buy pens I don’t need just because I love them, I watch too much TV when I don’t have time simply because I don’t want to do the work that needs to be done.

There is a fine line for me on some of these issues. Some days I am too tired and sick to do much else aside from sit and watch a TV show. But there are days when I have energy and I could do more, but I am emotionally tired, and rather than care for what is causing the emotional fatigue I check out.

This journey with the Whole30 is helping me to look at so many aspects of my life. Things like:

  • Why I crave the foods I crave?
  • What the time of day has to do with what I am wanting to eat?
  • Seeing areas in my life where I am very indulgent that do not include food, but are as unhealthy.
  • Am I hungry, or am I needing something else?
  • If I need something else what do I need?
  • Am I needing some emotional or spiritual self-care?
  • If so what does that need to look like that is a healthy choice, not a selfish choice.

There are so many areas that seem to be impacted in my life right now, it is hard to really list them all.

What are you learning on your journey to have a healthier life? Are you struggling? Are you finding areas that you want to improve aside from your eating habits? I would love to hear you thoughts.

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