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NKJV Foundation Study Bible

Note: I received a free copy of the NKJV Foundation Study Bible from BookLookBloggers for the purpose of review. All opinions are my own. For more information see my disclosure policy.

Lately I have been enjoying a new found love of study Bibles. One advantage of reviewing books is that I get to have the opportunity to take a look at and dig into some of the new Bibles that are being released on the market. Today I get to tell you about one such Bible.

NKJV Bible for Review

The NKJV Foundation Study Bible is a wonderful study bible. This study Bible includes:

The version of this Bible that I received for the purpose of review is not as large as some of the study Bibles I own. I actually like this feature. The Bible is compact and yet still packed full of tons of resources and information. One element I really like about this bible is how the study notes and cross-references are arranged on the page.

If you love the NKJV and are looking for a great study bible check out the NKJV Foundation Study Bible

As you can see in the image below the cross-references are clearly marked off in a box to the side of the study notes. I really like this feature because it is easy for me to find what I am looking for rather than try and find the cross-references scattered in and among the verses and study notes. It is a simple elements, but one I really like.

This Bible, similar to many study bibles has verse specific notes that enable you to find exactly what the note is referring to.

In my study this morning through our Blogging Through the Bible series I really found the notes to be helpful as the verses I was looking at gave me a more extensive definition of one of the words in the verse I was looking at, this additional definition really did help in understanding the context of the verse more clearly.

If you enjoy the NKJV Bible I recommend you check out this study bible I think you will find it a valuable resource.
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