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NIrV Giant Print Holy Bible

Note: I received the NIrV Giant Print Holy Bible free for the purpose of review from All opinions are my own. For more information please see my disclosure policy.

NIrV Giant Print Bible


The NIrV Giant Print Holy Bible is an easy to ready large print Bible. This Bible is good for those of us whose eyes are starting to go. This bible is not a study Bible, in fact it doesn’t contain a concordance nor maps. It is simply a bible with large enough print to be seen and read easily. This Bible does contain a basic dictionary and some references for “famous Bible stories” in the back. This Bible is the NIrV that helps with the ease of reading.

I am at the stage in life where I must have my reading glasses on when I am trying to read pretty much anything. This Bible is great for having at church where you are looking between the preacher and your Bible frequently. I do find it rather heavy and large. That may be a problem that is difficult to over come when you are trying to produce a product with “Giant Print”. It may be possible that a copy of this version that didn’t have a hard cover might be a little less heavy.

If you find that you are needing a great Bible that is large and easy to read, or a Bible that you want to be able to read with your children, this is a great option for you.

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