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Whole30 Starts in 2 Days!

Thursday is the Big Day! Are you ready to join me and a few others as we jump into the Whole30? If you want more information about what is required on the Whole30 head over to their website and get all the information you need at

I am starting the whole30 starting October 1st. Join me?

One big question for me in the area of food and making diet changes deals with the cost of those changes.

Is it possible to eat healthy on a budget?

Monday I went out and did some shopping. I had about $150 available for me to spend on our household needs for this coming week. That includes all of us, a family of 7, the pets and any cleaning supplies or other household needs that there may be. It really seemed like a daunting task to be honest. So let me fill you in on some of the details of how I plan on doing the Whole30 as well as I can within the budget constrains that I have to live under.

It isn’t perfect.

I can’t really afford grass fed beef for our family. I did buy some grass fed jerky on Amazon a few weeks ago, but in general the more expensive meat I just can’t afford. So instead I am buying hormone free chickens, Sam’s has some All-Natural chickens that I bought two of last week, and I am buying the beef that we can afford. Which means the basic beef.

If I can’t afford to eat the meat recommend by the Whole30 diet then what I am buying?

Aldi is a great resource for me in this area. They have a ton of wonderful fresh produce, as well as an ever-growing organic section. This week’s shopping focused on fresh fruit and veggies. I also bought a few sweet potatoes and some red potatoes. I was also very excited to see that this week Aldi had a bunch of the vinegars I wanted to get for salad dressings. I bought three, white wine, red wine, and balsamic at great prices.

I did have to pick up a few items at Earth Fare. It is one of the many natural food stores in the area. They carry my preferred coconut milk for my coffee creamer. Also, while I was there I picked up some Apple cider vinegar.

After picking up a few items from Walmart, I was done. I spent a total of $144 for the week. I may need more milk and cereal for my kids, and I have a little bit left that will probably go towards eggs, but here is what I bought:

Is it possible to to eat healthy on a budget?

Results so far:

As I mentioned last week I have already begun to see results from the changes I have already made. I am feeling more energetic than I have in months. In fact I am having to learn to live with energy again. I can do things throughout my day that I haven’t been able to for so long, it is a strange feeling. Over the past week I have been off all added sugar, but I have allowed myself some grains with a few of my meals. Those grains will be dropped once we start the diet itself on Thursday. It really has been shocking how much better I feel on a daily basis.

I am going to do the Whole30 diet in October will You join me?

Are you in?

Are you willing to dive into this adventure with me? Will you join me and a few others as we work to improve our health? Please let me know.

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