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We are Getting Ready for the Whole30

I am going to do the Whole30 diet in October will You join me?

Health Update

I have been working over the past week to decrease my sugar, and wean down my caffeine intake. I am pleased to say that it has gone pretty well. At my last weigh in I was down a total of 4 lbs. I am pleased with that progress, my next weigh in will be in a couple of days.

Some other pleasant side effects of my recent changes have been that I have not have had as much pain as I was dealing with in the previous weeks, and I am not as tired as I was. If you remember it was just a few weeks ago I was barely able to function past lunch time and for two weeks spent most of my afternoons in bed unable to do much of anything.
I am feeling much better. I am still dealing with some dizziness and fatigue, but I am stronger than I have been in weeks and for that I am very thankful.

As I have been decreasing the sugar some other symptoms are coming to the forefront. It seems I may have some issues with the joints in my fingers. I expect this type thing will continue, but as I work on making diet changes I can learn how to care for my hands too!

I am starting the whole30 starting October 1st. Join me?


Preparing for the Whole30

I have been doing some research and looking into different recipes that I can prepare for myself and my husband, who has agreed to dive into the Whole30 with me. I have also spent some time wandering around stores like Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods finding foods that I can eat and reading labels.

I have been searching Aldi and I am so pleased that I keep finding more and more organic items, and more and more options for our diet.

One of my biggest concerns was my coffee. I have not been able to get off sugar, nor the creamer that I have been using for years. The nondairy powdered cream I have been using is really not healthy for me in so many different ways.

This past week a friend of mine helped me to make a homemade coffee creamer that I can use with my coffee if I continue to drink it during the Whole30. It has no added sugar, and yet it is rich and creamy. I was trying to drink my coffee black, but I was struggling with the bitterness that is in the coffee. I was able to drink several cups black, but then I tried my friend’s creamer recipe.

It was delicious. I am so glad I tried it. Here is the recipe below:

Home Made Coffee Creamer

1 can of Organic Coconut Milk Unsweetened. (I do NOT mean the carton of coconut milk found in the milk section of your grocery store. The can of coconut milk will probably be found in the Asian or International aisle of most stores.)

Equal amounts of Unsweetened Cashew Milk or Almond Milk.

Mix together in your blender and store in refrigerator.

Next Thursday is the start day for the Whole30. Are you going to join in? I sure hope you do. If you are please be sure to head over to their website at

For More Information:

I am going to do the Whole30, Join Me?



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