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I am going to do the Whole30, Join me?

Update and accountability

It has been a little while since I updated you on my health journey. In fact I had to go all the way back to July to find my last health update. So I think it is time to catch you up with what has been happening.

After the last update things were going along pretty well. I wasn’t dropping much weight, but I was sticking to my goals and I was eating on plan. I even had added in some exercise in small amounts. I was feeling pretty good, and some days even strong.

Which was good because we had a family vacation planned. 😉

We spent a few days down at the beach and I was able to do a lot of activities with the family. I did push too hard a few days and paid for it while on the trip, but over all we had a nice time. I did not eat on plan while on vacation. I even allowed myself some bread. That was a bad decision.

One of the reasons my blog posts have been sporadic over the past 3-4 weeks since we have been home is because my health has been bad since returning home from vacation. The first 2 weeks after getting home I was barely able to get through out home school schedule, and every afternoon I spent in bed trying to recover from the morning. It was a difficult time.

I didn’t get back to eating on plan right away, and that actually caused me to stay sicker, longer.

Finally I changed my eating back to my goals and eating like I should and I slowly began to feel better.

For the past 5 days or so I have had a little more energy, and a little less pain. I am so very thankful.

What this taught me.

I have learned a lot from this experience. Mainly, food has a powerful impact on my health. I want to be healthy, and I want to be strong. So I need to not indulge, even when I am on vacation. This is a painful and difficult lesson for me. I also have learned that my sugar addiction is causing me a ton of health related problems. So I began to think about ways I can work on that addiction. One solution I have found is the Whole30 program.

I am going to do the Whole30 diet in October will You join me?

What is the Whole30 program?

If you have not heard of the Whole30 head over to and read up on the full guidelines for the diet. Basically it removes all grains, and all added sugars from the diet for 30 days. I have more research to do, but I think this will be a good program for me.

I have had several friends that have gone through the Whole30 program and I have put it off. It just seemed way too hard for me and I wasn’t willing to go through such a difficult program.

Yet there are limited programs out there that help to get you off of sugar as completely as the Whole30 does. I do know that the Engine2 diet does a great job of this, but they do allow some natural sugars such as honey and agave, and I know that I need something a bit more strict for the moment.

Note: If you are vegetarian and are looking for a great way to boost your health, I do recommend the Engine 2 diet. It is a great program and I felt great when I did the 28 day challenge with them at Whole Foods a few years ago.

Taking the plunge

So I am going to start the Whole30 diet on October 1, 2015. My husband has agreed to do it with me as well as a close friend who has been on this journey with me. Are you willing to dive into this big challenge with me? If you are I encourage you to head over to and read up on all that is there. In addition you can find Whole30 on Instagram.

I have already begun working on decreasing my sugar. I am also in process of weaning off of coffee. I tried coffee black and I am not sure I can drink it that way while I am on this diet. So rather than deal with withdrawals from caffeine while detoxing from sugar. I decided I would wean off caffeine now.

So Are you in? Please comment below. I plan on keeping you updated on Mondays here on the blog on my progress. So stay in touch.

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