8 Steps to Teaching Children to do Chores And FREE Printables.

Many Hands Make Light Work

I have been working on teaching my children to do chores for some time now. My children really don’t like to do their chores. Can you blame them? Who really likes to do chores? I mean really I don’t like to do my chores all the time so I can relate to them more than I would like to admit. Yet, we are called to be diligent in our work and not be lazy. Even though we may not like to do the chores that we are all required to do, I am sure that you enjoy the end result as much as I do. Who doesn’t love to come home to a house that is neat and tidy?

I learned several years ago that the work required to keep our family of 7 functioning well is way more than I can handle. So I began assigning my kids their own daily chores. It was a difficult process and I made a ton of mistakes a long the way. I am sharing with you some things I learned to do that made teaching my kids to do their chores a little easier.

8 Steps to Teaching Children to Do Chores.

  • Assign their chores. – Use a chore chart printable, or a clear method so that each child is clear on what their jobs are.
  • Explain How to do the chores. – I must admit this one seems so obvious. Maybe it is just me, but I often find that I expect my kids to know how to do things that I haven’t necessarily taught them how to do. For example. I will tell my kids to make their beds. My 3 yo begins to cry and say, “I don’t know how….” {That would be my fault!} So be sure you are clear and teach the child how to do each chore.
  • Break the chores into small parts. – An example of this would be: Main chore: Clean room break it into parts such as, pick up dirty laundry, pick up toys, pick up trash, put books on book shelf. Put shoes on shoe rack. Make sure the job isn’t too broad, the more specific the task the more likely they will be able to do it.
  • Work alongside. – I fell into the trap of believing I could dictate the jobs to my children and then leave them to work. Needless to say that method didn’t work well at all. It is vitally important that you work alongside the child first and then leave them to do the job. This is how you teach them exactly what you are wanting them to do.
  • Follow up – Do not expect your child to be able to do all their chores without supervision and your responsibility is all done. You need to repeatedly go back and make sure the child knows what they are to be doing, as well as to make sure they are actually working. Children often get distracted. My kids will find a toy or activity while cleaning and stop working to play with the toy, I go back 30 min later thinking they are done, but they have barely gotten started.
  • Follow up! Again. – {Yes I meant to say it again!} It is really that important. Think of it as this way you are working yourself out of a job. As a mom our goal is to invest in our children now so that they can be independent later.
  • Take advantage of those “Mommy Can I help You?” moments. There are times in our kids lives when they are eager to work alongside mommy. I know that it can be hard to allow the littles to help sometimes, it takes so much longer to do everything. Remember this: You are investing into your child. They need time with you mom, and this is a great moment to pour into their lives.
  • Document their progress – This is what I love a chore chart for. They get encouragement from checking things off.

While I was working on teaching my kids how to do their chores it was tempting for me to get distracted doing my own tasks. I would assign a job for a child and then go to cleaning something myself. This didn’t work too well at all.

At the beginning it is important to keep on task with your child and work to teach them this skill. Remember you are working towards their independence, but you need to teach them diligently at the beginning.

Another point is don’t allow yourself to become lazy. As a mom it takes work to teach our kids these important skills. Whether it is vacuuming their room or doing the dinner dishes, it takes time for the children to really learn how to do things well. It can be easy as a mom to think, “Well they have it down good enough!” I encourage you to not be content with ‘good enough’. Work hard and diligently for the best.

When Teaching our Children Chores it can be a frustarting task Do Not Grow weary

Kids need to learn to be responsible for their own lives. We won’t always be there to clean up after them and doing the cooking and laundry for our children. Our goal is to help them grow into healthy adults that benefit the culture at large.

In general our culture seems to look down on teaching the home skills that have been a staple in education for so many years. Many schools removed home economics from their education long ago believing it to be sexist. Yet these tasks of cleaning, cooking, doing laundry and general overall tidiness are important things that we all must do each day.

I believe that if we teach our children to do the small mundane tasks faithfully we are teaching them to do the small mundane tasks faithfully in their future.

As Parents we need to be faithful in teaching our children to be faithful in the little things.

Teaching children to be faithful in their chores can be down right hard and frustrating, but it is part of our job as parents. We are raising up the next generation of leaders and it is our job to help them be the best generation that they can be.

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