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Ten Years of Questions

Fibromyalgia: Living with Chronic illness day by da

Since I first got sick I have been looking for treatments and options to help ease the pain in my body.

I tried medications that the doctor prescribed for me. Nothing really seemed to help, and the side effects just were not worth the cost. I did not see the sense in taking a medication that left me feeling the same whether I took the pill or not.

I have learned certain foods affect my health and cause me to feel worse. I have even found some foods help me feel a little bit better. I am starting to believe that many of the solutions to my struggles may be found in a specialized diet. I am not positive on this, but much of the evidence I have found seems to indicate this.

Another mode of treatment that has been beneficial for me has been seeing a Chiropractor for the past 9 years. My chiropractor has helped me in amazing ways. In fact her manipulations of my neck have kept me mostly migraine free for years. In addition with her help I have dealt with a number of medical issues that have come up, including my hip that has given me trouble since I was pregnant with my oldest daughter, and several areas of pain that I live with on a daily basis. I have learned that certain types of pain that I live with on a daily basis is rooted in an injury I have in my neck, and when my chiropractor can get my neck aligned properly I don’t hurt as bad.

(Note: My migraines are caused by a severe structural problem in my neck. I almost broke my neck as a kid and the damage from that fall actually puts pressure on my spinal cord. Not all migraines are structural in nature. )

I have also recently started using essential oils to help treat my different ailments. I am pleased with the benefits I have experienced from using the oils. I have been surprised at how relaxed I feel when I use specific oils, sometimes simply being able to relax has eased my pain a great deal.

For example: Peppermint oil really soothes my head when it starts to ache. The Pan-Away blend from has helped relieve pain from my Fibromyalgia, by way of helping to relax sore and achy muscles.

One of the aspects of Fibromyalgia that I have been reading about, which is still not fully proven, is the idea that in Fibromyalgia the Lymphatic system does not clear the toxins from the body as it should. I don’t know if this is really happening or not, but the idea is an interesting one. I am learning that when I don’t drink enough water I do have more symptoms, although I don’t know if the two are actually related at all or not.

There are many natural remedies for health conditions that are more helpful that modern medicine acknowledges.  I worked in the medical field as a Respiratory Therapist for 18 years. I have been open to both Western Medicine as well as Natural Medicine for some time. I don’t claim to understand why certain elements work and others do not. But I have found for me most of the natural remedies have worked better than modern medicine.

(I am not a doctor and I can not say that you will have the same results that I have experienced.)

Do you live with chronic pain such as Fibromyalgia or Chronic Fatigue? I would love to hear how you manage your pain. Have you found prescription meds that have helped? Do the side-effects outweigh the benefits?

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  1. I’m going to ask if I’m suitable for a chiropractor when I see my rheumy next. I injured my neck in a car accident 3 years ago and my fibro and cfs have gone out of control since. I’m happy to hear that it helps you and that gives me hope. Thank you Cath xx

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