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Princess Charity and Princess Joy Sticker and Activity Books: A Review.

These are wonderful activities for any little girl.

These sticker and activity books are great options for keeping little hands busy on a long trip











I received the books, Princess Charity Sticker and Activity book, and Princess Joy Sticker and Activity book free from for the purpose of review. All opinions are my own.

My girls really love stickers, and specialized activity books. My older girls especially love the activity books that are a little more challenging. The Princess Charity, and Princess Joy Sticker and Activity books are pretty darling. Each book has small sections for reading, coloring, word finds, mazes, stickers and even a picture in the back that tells the girls working through their book that they too are a princess, because they are a daughter of the KING.


These activity books are filled with all sorts of different activities.I really love how these books are set up. There are several different activities that are included, and the reading that is there is at a level that is a little challenging for my girls, but I really like it because it is offering new vocabulary for me to teach my girls.

These books have the most darling artwork

When the books arrived my girls were WAY excited and I had to have them wait a bit so I could take a look at them for the purpose of this review. It was hard to keep these lovely books out of their little hands. I really think that most young girls would enjoy these activity books, and they are a more encouraging alternative to some of the other content that is out there that so often includes magic. The girls love the artwork within the book, and there were many ‘OOo’s and Ahhhh’s’ as they made their way through the different sections of the books.

Each book has too full pages of reuseable stickers.

If you have young ladies in your house who enjoy princess-y things I recommend these books. They would make a great little surprise for a long trip. Something you can pull out to keep the kids entertained while traveling. I personally think they would make a nice “School Break” Idea. When you are homeschooling and the teacher needs to focus on one student, these books would be a great thing to pull out and give the waiting student something to do. Whatever you use these books for I think they will be enjoyed by almost all little girls.

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