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Ways to Intentionally Love our Kids

6 Ways to Intentionally take time for our kids in the midst of a busy life.

I live in a busy home. We have 5 kids that are home schooled. That means the kids are here with me most of the time most days. I have the same list of daily chores that have to be done. In addition to the cooking, cleaning, laundry, mopping, errands, grocery shopping and all the other things that must be done by the wife and mommy.


How do you find the time to connect with the hearts of your kids in the midst of the business? There is always something to do. There is always a task that needs to be done. Always. So how do we make time to really stop our tasks and see our kids? Here are some of my favorite ways to connect with my kids:

  1. Encourage the kids to work on a project or some small game or task at the table while I do work such as folding laundry, today I was snapping green beans from the garden and the kids came and played a few games on my phone, and spent time coloring at the table. I was able to interact and still get work don.
  2. Invite your kids to do a chore with you. My kids are young and are still at the age when they are eager to help. Granted once they realize how much work something involves they may not be as eager to help, but find a way to make it fun and talk to them individually while you are working together.
  3. Allow one child to stay up after bed time in order to spend a few minutes, not a long time, but 30 min or so just with you and daddy.
  4. Stop working for 30 minutes and find something to do with them. Take a walk, play a short game, or simply sit and cuddle during one of their favorite TV shows.
  5. Pray specifically that God would allow you to know which child needs the most from you that day. I heard once on a talk radio show, I think it was Dr. Dobson’s Focus on the Family. A woman being interviewed said that she prayed that prayer each day for her kids. And the Lord always showed her who needed her the most that day.
  6. Ask the kids what they are thinking about and pray for them and with them at night time. I know evenings are busy and crazy. It is at my house. Bed time routine can be a horrible experience, but even on the hardest nights simply taking a moment to pray with the children really helps me to connect with them. And even better when a prayer is answered and they discuss it with you later. That is icing on the cake!


My heart has a desire to “Be Seen”.  I want people to see me and know me for who I am.  I am confident that most people have this desire.  I am sure my kids have this need.  They need their mommy to see them, to know them, to acknowledge their accomplishments and to appreciate their work and joy.

I am still a work in progress.  I find that the busier I get the less likely I am to really pay attention to my children’s hearts.  I have to put barriers on, and remind myself to focus on the little hearts that populate my home.

I pray that we all will focus on growing in ways that we can touch the hearts of our children.


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