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Proverbs Week 1

My Pink Reminder to Look for the Joy

I have a birdhouse hanging on my front porch. I really enjoy watching that birdhouse each Spring. We have house finches that come and nest there. It is a rustic little birdhouse that originally was simply the color of the tree branches that it was made from. A few years ago my children and my husband decided to paint the little house pink. It is a pretty shade of pink, and it adds a nice fun touch of whimsy to my front porch.
I have watched different little birdie families come and go over the past several years. I have noticed something very interesting about these birds. Some of them are more social than others. Last year I had a couple of birds who lived in that house who loved to sing. They would come out on their “porch” every morning and sing to greet the day. This year the birds seem less social and a bit more grumpy. They do not seem to sing much at all and I am not really sure why.
I can see myself in the grumpy birds. I must admit that normally my first response to morning time is not to sing! I need a pot of coffee before I am even close to that level joyousness. It isn’t just mornings that my grumpy heart tends to come out and make itself visible. My first response to most things is pretty negative. I want that to be different I want my first response to any situation in my life to be one that is finding something positive in it, even if it is simply to know that God is in control and aware of the horrible things that are happening.
Over the past day we have been watching fall out from the horrific events that have taken place in Charleston, SC. A young man was hunted down, and is now in jail as he awaits the trial that will decide his fate. Those people he shot have no more time left to decide their fate, and many family and friends are living with the heartache of one man’s actions that were so hateful.
I read on social media today that this young man wanted to start a civil war. Why? We already have so much strife, and so much violence; why can’t we follow the words of Proverbs and cling to kindness rather than hate. I am praying that we all will fight for kindness as a way to fight against the hatred that this young man wanted to kindle in our hearts. I pray that we will seek a positive response to this horrific even rather than fall into the trap he wanted to set by pitting one race against another.
I am comforted in so many ways by our Good Morning Girls study in Proverbs this week. I have found several verses that are relevant to these terrible events that are shaking up our state. One verse is Proverbs 5:21-22

For the ways of a man are before the

God knows what this man did, and we have watched  this young man’s sin has caught him in his own trap. He is now facing our worldly justice. One day he will face the Justice of the Almighty God. I pray that he has been washed clean by the blood of Jesus Christ before he faces the throne of judgment. This man will face the consequences for his crime, whether he pays with his life, or by spending his life in prison. Yet nothing we can do here on this earth will compare to the ultimate penalty that we all will face one day if we face God without accepting the gracious gift of eternal life that Jesus has offered to us.

We can find comfort in knowing that God sees this young man and what he has done. We can find comfort in knowing that God is in control of his punishment. I pray that we will see the good in this horrible tragedy. I pray that when someone wants to grow hate, we instead will grow kindness and trust. Please continue to pray for our country, for healing and for a true spirit of forgiveness.

Do not let kindness and truth leave you;
Bind them around your neck,
Write them on the tablet of your heart. 

Proverbs 3:3

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2 thoughts on “Proverbs Week 1

  1. It has been heartbreaking to hear of the events in Charleston. And I feel for this boy who has so much hate in his heart. It was a terrible tragic event and while I am praying for the families and friends of those involved, I am also praying for this boy.

    1. It really is a heartbreaking situation with that poor young man. He has been taught to hate so violently by someone. I pray that he heard the words of the the families as they called him to repent, and I also pray that he really heard their words of forgiveness. What a powerful testimony.

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