Pain of Motherhood

Was Becoming a Mommy Hard for you?

Do you remember when you first became a mom? I am pretty sure you do. That moment in a woman’s life becomes etched onto her very soul. Before my daughter was born I was scared about becoming a mom. I was scared about delivery, and I was just scared. After my daughter was born I was possessive. I struggled when anyone else wanted to hold her. I struggled when anyone else touched her, even my husband. This fierce protective monster appeared that day that I didn’t know existed, and at times it is hard to hide its presence.

I must admit I was a reluctant mom. Before getting married I believed I couldn’t get pregnant and I was OK with that. I liked my independence and I liked not having the responsibility that would come with being a mother. God had other plans for my life.

Isn’t it interesting how God knows just what you need to grow you? The truth is I don’t think I would be learning some very important lessons if I wasn’t a mom. I think I would have continued to say no to opportunities of service because they were inconvenient for me. I think I would have continued to stay comfortable and seeking more and more comfort.

I still like to be comfortable. I don’t like being uncomfortable.

I think that part of being a mom is being uncomfortable. It starts from the very beginning doesn’t it? Unless you have had only perfect pregnancies you might not be able to relate, but for me pregnancy was horrible.

  • I was sick.
  • I was in pain.
  • I was tired. So VERY tired.
  • I was HOT.
  • I couldn’t sleep.
  • I couldn’t bend over.
  • I wanted to eat a lot, but my tummy was too full of baby.
  • And oh did I mention the pain.

We survive pregnancy and then comes the delivery. I can assure you it doesn’t matter what form of delivery you have had, that isn’t comfortable. I have been through both vaginal and c-section deliveries. Neither one of them is comfortable. Each one has their own elements that are scary, painful and just hard. I remember during the 2 hours I was pushing I was getting so tired I didn’t think I was going to be able to do it. I was just getting so weak.

Once the Baby arrives Things don't get easier..... Motherhood is hard.

Then after the baby is finally in your arms and you are getting sent home from the hospital, the real discomfort sets in. Here you are a new mamma. You are sore from just giving birth, you are sore from attempts at breast feeding, you are tired because this baby wants to eat All. The. Time. Discomfort, upon discomfort and it never really stops. It just changes to a different kind of discomfort.

Our children grow and we move about our lives as moms, cooking the meals, washing the clothes, doing all the things that moms do, doing all the things that we as moms are called to do. We pour out all of who we are to care for these little lives that God has entrusted to us.

Soon, much too quickly the discomfort changes again to something more internal. We watch our children grow into teens, and adults and our discomfort moves to our hearts. We ache over their bad choices, and we pray for their hearts to hunger for God. Maybe it is that our hearts now ache because we are watching our children endure something that we can’t stop, prevent, or even help them through. The discomfort takes residence in our hearts and it never really leaves from there.

So what is a mamma to do? How do we manage the discomfort, pain, emptying of ourselves, and the heartache that comes with being a mamma?

Walking with God through the pain of Motherhood.

We take it to our Father.

We all have a Father who has experienced things very similar. A father who has watched us respond poorly to our children as we push ourselves through a busy day. A father who grieves with us as we watch a teen make choices that will haunt them for their life time. We all have a Father who saw our pain, experienced our pain, and sent His son to redeem us from our pain. God is good to us isn’t He? What a precious gift he has given us. He is our ultimate Father, yet he allows us a brief understanding of what he is experiencing as he guides us through life by allowing us to be mothers and fathers. He is giving us a picture of what God is doing for us day in and day out. That changes things doesn’t it? In a powerful way it changes things for me as I consider the pain of being a mother. It removes the concept of being a victim who is struggling, and it replaces it with the idea of a God allowing me to understand a tiny piece of his heart that I wouldn’t have been able to grasp any other way. What a gift.

Are you a mamma who is struggling today? I can relate. Being a mom is so very hard. I want to encourage you to take your struggles, and your pain to God. He knows. He sees, and HE cares more than anyone else could.

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7 thoughts on “Pain of Motherhood

  1. So many true points in this!

    All of my pregnancies had pain of some kind, and the job of motherhood is full of trials and issues that often result in some kind of pain. But the pain, that leaves scars and marks results in a healing that has resulted in so much more Joy and Love than I could have ever imagined.


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    1. I love this ” But the pain, that leaves scars and marks results in a healling that has resluted in so much more joy and love than I could have ever imagined.” Beautifully said. Thank you for stopping by.

  2. What a great reminder this was for me today! It has been a long time since I had a baby, but I am dog tired today, and my kids keep pulling me away from work, and they are messing up the house, and … this has definitely shifted my perspective.

    1. Sorry for the tough day. Being a mom really has some tough days. I am constantly having to remind myself that I need to give my kids and myself grace. (I am not always good at doing this.) Praising God that you found some encouragement today.

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