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God’s Beloved Daughters: Daily Discovering the Blessings by Merrilynn Grodecki

God's Beloved Daughters

This book is a daily devotional book, it contains readings for each day of the year. Each daily reading is prefaced with verses that the author recommends the reader look up, read and study before jumping into each chapter.

This book does have some good devotional chapters. I believe that the author is seeking to encourage women to be the type of women who are reflected in the pages in scripture not the type of woman who is idolized today on the cover of so many magazines. Marrilynn Grodecki gives her own personal story about how she came to know the Lord Jesus Christ, and it is a powerful story. A story of being freed from spiritual bondage, and witchcraft. Her life before coming to Christ seems to have opened her up to some ideas that seem a bit border line for me.

I did not read through all 365 devotional readings. I did read through several weeks worth of readings covering different months. Most of the content I believe to be Biblical in nature, but it is not a book that I can recommend.

I do not trust everything presented in this devotional a spiritually safe. I know that is a vague assessment, but it is merely my opinion of the content I read. It appears in a few of the chapters that Ms Grodecki is making the assumption that if you are a Christian who is walking in obedience to Jesus Christ than you won’t have troubles or struggles because Satan is the only source of trouble and if we are walking in communion with Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit than we can’t be hit by troubles. I may have misunderstood Ms. Grodecki’s chapter, but I have to disagree with that concept.

I believe that Jesus told us that in this life we will have trouble, and we can trust Him to walk with us through the difficult times.

I do believe that there are spiritual influences in this world that are seeking to destroy us as Christians, but not all difficulty is from such a source. Sometimes it is simply the result of living a Christian life in a fallen world who doesn’t want to be held accountable, and there is persecution in that.

There is good material to be found in the pages of this book, but it isn’t one that I can recommend.

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