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Day By Day

Yesterday I stood outside in the heat of a June afternoon and watched a man say good-bye to his wife. The sky was that lovely blue of a warm summer day, and popcorn clouds floated dreamily across. The grass of the cemetery grounds was the perfect shade of green, evidence of the abundant rains we have seen over the past several weeks. The service was short and sweet. I saw before me an old man. He seemed so frail and different than the man I had known him to be, and yet I am sure that the man I have known is still there. He is much older now and much changed, his hair is white and his skin is thin and frail. Yet his mind is sharp, and he is constantly pointing those of us who are mourning with him back to the God of all goodness.

It is painful to watch someone lose a loved one.

It is more painful to lose a loved one yourself.

This godly man got up before the small group who had gathered at the grave side and he simply read a bit of verse from the hymn, Day by Day. He read a bit and then he sat down. It was very hard to hear the words he spoke, as his voice isn’t as strong as it once was so I looked up the hymn, and found something beautiful.

The hymn Day by Day was written by Lina Sandell. She wrote this hymn at the age of 26. She was traveling on a boat with her father, when he was swept overboard and died. She witnessed the death of her father and she went to the Lord of all comfort and wrote many beautiful hymns. Her heartbreak poured forth into a soothing balm for many others who came behind her.

Day by day and with each passing

When you struggle do you go to God to heal your broken heart? Or is your first response to dive into a depression of why me’s? I find it interesting that we/ I allow ourselves/myself to fall into the trap of self pity, then what comes from that indulgence is anger, entitlement, fights, and many other negative behaviors. Often we resort to food, or other bad habits that feed bodies often in the worse possible way rather than diving into the words of the Lord Jesus and feeding our soul what it so desperately needs. Perhaps if we were quicker to cling to our savior then maybe what would be produced would be more along the lines of a blessing to those around us like this beautiful hymn rather than a curse of anger and hatred.

Day by day and with each passing (3)

Why is it that we find it so hard to believe that God loves us when we are in pain? Why do we automatically assume that our pain is caused by God himself? It seems as though we have grown to believe that we somehow deserve a comfortable life that is free of pain. How have we fallen into this lie? How have we become so enraptured with comfort that the lack of that comfort causes us to scream in anger at God demanding why?

Perhaps it is time to reacquaint ourselves with what Jesus actually teaches us. Perhaps it is time for us to learn that we need to cling to the arms who paid the price for our sin, rather than yell and scream at God crying out in protest to the pain we feel. God is good. We can trust that.

I encourage you, if you are hurting don’t run away from God. Instead cling to him, and find the rest your soul needs there.


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  1. sometimes, in the middle of our worst pain, we need to just rest in Him. not think about the pain, not wish it away – just let it all go – even if it is via sobs of pain – let it all go to Him.


  2. When I’m hurting, sometimes I fight going to Him. It’s like I don’t want to get better, feel better, like I just want to be angry/sad/hurt for awhile. But when I fight through that garbage and open His word, I always find peace instantly. The root cause may not be solved, but I’ve been reminded to whom i belong and nothing can ultimately go wrong that won’t be right for eternity.

    1. I relate to this, I could have written those words myself. I too want to spend some time in the mess as I call it and feel the hurt/ pain/ anger. It never does me any good though. It always seems to bring more heartache somehow. I am so thankful that God is gracious and patient with me even in my mess.

  3. There have been times in my life where the more pain I have been in, the closer I have felt toward God-praying more, reading my Bible more, attending Bible studies, etc. When life is good and easy, it’s very easy to forget God.

    1. You know what Sarah, I hate to admit it but I am the same. I believe that God has placed certain thing in my life to keep me more dependent upon him because of this very problem. (I wish I wasn’t so stubborn)

  4. I remember this old hymn well, it’s always been one of my favorites. I didn’t know the story behind it – so similar to “It is well with my soul”. We know that God allows grief in all of our lives, but day by day strength we find to meet the trials. Thanks for the reminder, and for sharing on RaRalinkup!

  5. Pain is hard because it is consuming, and without a physical touch of God, we lose ourselves to the touch of pain. Remembering that Jesus does know what pain actually is and allowing Truth to fill our minds instead of the pain, often helps. God’s word always has the truth that brings comfort when we allow the Truth in.


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  6. Yes, run to the cross of Christ – always. Instead of running away and hiding in shame.
    I really enjoyed this post.
    We will have hardships. We will struggle. Our enemy long to destroy us. But we have the victory already. And He has come to give us LIFE in abundance…if we only choose Life in Him.

  7. It is a meaningful song. So true about self pity and the door it opens to such ugly indulgence. I agree, God’s presence is where the answers are, where the comfort is, always!

    I’m your neighbor at RaRalinkup.

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