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Ways to Intentionally Love our Kids

What things do you do to be more intentional about loving your kids?

I live in a busy home. We have 5 kids that are home schooled. That means the kids are here with me most of the time most days. I have the same list of daily chores that everyone has to be done. The cooking, cleaning, laundry, mopping, errands, grocery shopping and all the other things that must be done by the wife and mommy.

Learning to Intentionally Love our children

How do you find the time to connect with the hearts of your kids in the midst of the business? There is always something to do. There is always a task that needs to be done. Always. So how do we make time to really stop our tasks and see our kids?

I have been surprised how task oriented I am, I don’t know if it has gotten worse as I have gotten older, or if I have always been this bad.  I can get so focused on a task that I don’t want to interact with anyone at all.  This is an area of my life that I have been working to change.  My kids need me to be able to be interrupted, and to give them my attention.

I do not want to teach my kids that cleaning the kitchen or doing laundry is more important than them.  I want my kids to know that I am willing to pause my work to show them I am interested in their lives and activities.

Our family isn’t involved in a lot of activities.  My physical limitations prevent me from having a constantly full schedule. Even still we are busy, and I can find myself caught up in my “To Do” list more than I am caught up in the hearts of my children.  There are times when I need to pause and leave the laundry, leave the dirty dishes and just watch my little one do stickers.

My heart has a desire to “Be Seen”.  I want people to see me and know me for who I am.  I am confident that most people have this desire.  I am sure my kids have this need.  They need their mommy to see them, to know them, to acknowledge their accomplishments and to appreciate their work and joy. How sad it would be if I didn’t fill this need in my children’s heart because I was too busy washing dishes. Children are much more important that a clean kitchen, or a perfectly kept yard. I believe that there is a place for chores and tasks that need to be done, but not at the expense of my children.

I am still a work in progress.  I find that the busier I get the less likely I am to really pay attention to my children’s hearts.  I have to put barriers on, and remind myself to focus on the little hearts that populate my home.

I pray that we all will focus on growing in ways that we can touch the hearts of our children.


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