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Women are Scary by Melanie Dale: A Review

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Women are Scary

Finding mom-friends can be a difficult task for any woman. It seems that most women struggle to find friends after they become moms. Many things happen when we get married and our lives change. Maybe we have moved to a new city, or maybe our closest friends have moved away. There are many different reasons why we as moms find ourselves looking for friends. I believe that making, growing, and keeping mom-friends can be a terrifying experience. In the book, Women are Scary Melanie Dale walks the reader through her personal experiences in looking for and growing her mom-friends. Melanie is candid, and vulnerable as she shares her mistakes and successes as she has worked through these relationships.

I really loved this book. It was a refreshing, snarky and sci-fy filled book dealing with a topic that I have struggled with for years. Melanie really did get me to think about my current mom-friends and consider how I can be a better friend even in my limited capacity. Most of all, in the midst of the snarky remarks, Doctor Who references, and other referrals to some of my favorite science fiction friends, Melanie keeps pointing the reader back to the Scriptures. She doesn’t miss an opportunity to point the reader back to the source of our comfort in the midst of all this difficult mess of making friends.

I have often struggled with making mom-friends. Since my health leaves me limited in the area of physical energy I can’t go meet moms at a park any time I might like. My body might not let me do those things, but I can still be intentional with the precious friends I do have. I love how Melanie reminds us to really appreciate those precious women God has placed in our lives. They really are jewels.

If you are a mom, and whether or not you think you have all the friends you need, take a look at Women are Scary. It is a fun read that carries a lot of truth.

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