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The Story for Kids: A Review

The Story For Kids: Discover the Bible from Beginning to End.

The Story for Kids: Discover the Bible from Beginning to End

The Story for Kids is a book that parents can use to share the Bible story with their children. The book has short chapters that contain a summary of Biblical narratives. The chapters are long enough that they contain enough information to communicate the material clearly for children, but they are also short enough so that they will keep a child’s attention.

Each chapter has at least one picture to correspond with the material being presented and discussion questions at the end of each chapter. The scripture passages that are printed within the book are taken from the NIV Reader’s version

This children’s bible is a nice tool for parents to have. Our family likes to have regular nightly Bible time. We gather all 5 kids together to sing songs, read some scripture and talk a little bit about what we read. Our oldest child is 7 years old and the youngest is about to turn 2 in about 3 weeks. It can be a challenge to find something that will keep all of the kids interested and engaged. I think that this book could be a good resource for the older children, and maybe even the younger ones.

The length of the chapters are a good length for keeping my older kids attention, when the passages are too short they want more, and when they are too long we lose their attention completely. So finding that sweet spot can be a challenge.

Our biggest challenge is keeping the 2 year old engaged in the family Bible time. These short stories are told in a way that can be engaging, even for the younger children if the parent is willing to add some drama to the reading.

As parents we have a big responsibility to teach scripture to our children and having tools like the book The Story for Kids can be a valuable resource to add to our arsenal. As with any tool it is up to the parent to use it in a way that will become engaging to our children.

I received a free copy of this book for the purpose of review from All opinions are my own.

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