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The Dark Sabbath


That Sabbath day after Jesus was crucified must have been a horribly dark day. Perhaps the sun was shining and the birds were singing, but I imagine that the day was a gloomy one. Creation must have been reeling from the events of the day before. Do you think the animals realized what had happened on that Friday that would change the course of history.

The moment that Jesus died, the earth shook and the sky turned black. I believe creation understood on some level that something horrific had happened.

The disciples certainly knew. Can you imagine their pain, doubts, sorrow, guilt and horror at what they had witnessed the day before. Peter was racked with guilt as he considered his last moments with Jesus consisted of denial and fear. He turned his back on the Messiah.

Surely God would never forgive me now” Peter must have thought.

Judas was so covered with guilt and shame that he killed himself. What horror he must have experienced when he realized the full extent of what he had done! I can’t imagine the pain, guilt and utter contempt he must have felt for himself when he realized what he had done.

Then we must not forget Mary.

I wonder if Mary understood what was happening, or if she was as much in the dark as the disciples. I picture Mary standing at the foot of the cross and seeing her son who had been born under a star, who was visited by wise men from distant lands. To look at the bloodied body of the man who was once a boy she held snugly in her arms.

That Sabbath these people didn’t know that Sunday would bring them hope. All they knew was the stillness, the unknown future, the grief and pain of their hearts. Questions must have filled their minds as they remembered what Jesus taught them.

Was he really the Messiah, or maybe….. I made a mistake.”

We don’t like to sit and contemplate that Sabbath. It was a dark day that we like to gloss over and just keep reminding ourselves that Sunday is coming. But no-one was there to tell the Disciples that, “Hey, Sunday’s Coming!” We are blessed with knowing the outcome of that fateful weekend. We have the privileged of knowing that Jesus is who He said He was. We as modern day believers have the knowledge to see that Jesus’ battle wasn’t against Rome, but he came to conquer something much bigger~~

Death Itself!

These disciples who suffered through such a painful day did finally learn the truth of that weekend. They were able to soon rejoice, and I am so thankful that we are able to rejoice in the knowledge that we have today.

We have dark days sometimes, and those days cause us to doubt all that we know and believe. Perhaps when those dark days come we can pause and remember. There have been dark days, there will be dark days but regardless of what we might feel, or doubt or even think – Jesus is alive, he has conquered death and there is hope for us too.


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