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O Death Where is Thy Sting

A pair of Beautiful Violins made by my friend.
A pair of Beautiful Violins made by my friend.


Oh Death Where is Thy Sting?

In my life I have had a few precious people who have had powerful impact on my life. Right now I am watching one of them die.

It is hard to write those words, it makes my heart break and tears flow. Yet, there is something beautiful in the pain.

This precious couple has been in my life for nearly 30 years. She and her husband were more my grandparents than my actual grandparents were. Her kindness, love, and devotion to Jesus have been constants in my life.

My husband and I went to this dear couple before getting married to talk with them about marriage and get advice. We did similar after we were married. I haven’t had the time with them over the past years that I have wanted, but we would find time to go visit every once and a while.

This weekend we found sitters for the children and had the pleasure of visiting with this dear couple again. This time my sweet friend can’t talk to me and share with me her wisdom about marriage and children. This time my sweet friend didn’t want to eat, and slept most of the visit. This time I watched a dedicated husband live out the things he taught to my husband and I, as he gently lifted her from her chair and using a mechanical lift carry her to her bed for a nap. Something he does each day, multiple times a day.

It is hard to see these two suffer so much. It is painful to see the loneliness in the eyes of the husband and the sadness as we left. It breaks my heart to see my mentor, my dear friend cry when she sees my face.

This couple is living out the very things they have been teaching me and many others over these many years. He is dedicated in taking care of is ailing wife even when that means days of isolation. He is quietly serving his dear bride these final years even when he finds it painful and difficult. He is living out the very things he taught me and my husband 8+ years ago. The beauty of it makes me want to weep.

Oh Death Where is Thy Sting?

There is pain in watching these two travel the last leg of their journey on this earth, but there is a precious comfort as well. I am comforted that these two people who are so dear to my heart will be at once present with Jesus at that moment of death. My sweet friend will no longer be in pain, she will no longer be unable to talk, instead she will be able to converse with her beloved Jesus. These two warriors have fought the good fight, and they are ready to be with their savior.

My heart breaks as I consider them leaving me. But my heartache isn’t for my friends. It is for myself. They have been so dear to me I don’t want to see things change.

There is a great deal of pain and suffering in this world. Sometimes I can prepare myself for that pain that is to come and be thankful for what I was able to enjoy. Other times I am devastated and completely knocked down from the suddenness of the heartache. Regardless of how the pain comes to us, we can trust our Lord.

God is Good.

God is in Control.

God is Holy.

God Loves us.

Yes there is pain. Yet, Jesus has so much more for us that the pain in this world. Perhaps we should consider that the pain we experience here in this world is a reminder that we are merely traveling through.

This world is NOT our home. It is merely the highway we are traveling to get Home.

I am thankful for the days I have with my dear friends. I pray I will be able to rejoice for them when the time comes that they arrive at their final destination.

Just traveling through


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2 thoughts on “O Death Where is Thy Sting

    1. It is painful for me, but I keep remembering her desire to be with Jesus. It reminds me of my own anticipation for that day. I have been blessed by having this faithful couple in my life.

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