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Is God Good?


Is God good?

It can be so easy to look around at the horrors that fill this world and wonder if God is really good. Of course we don’t want to really admit that we might have such thoughts about God. We want to say, “Of course He’s good,” Even so, there are the moments in the dark when we are alone and fearful that we wonder. We wonder if we can trust this God that seems so very far away.

I have wondered at times. I have watched as people I have cared for at work suffer the most horrible deaths. I have watched friends and co-workers struggle through intense pain. In those dark times I have wondered. Is this God I love good? If he were good wouldn’t he stop these things from happening? Wouldn’t a good God be so outraged by the horror on this planet that He would step in and fix it all?

I have wondered. I have doubted.

Then I look at my own heart. I see my sin. I see my sins against my husband and my children. I see the anxiety, anger and constant need to have my own way trump the needs of others around me. I see the horror that is within me.

And I remember.

I remember that so long ago, a man came. A man who wasn’t a man. A man who was God. He broke into our existence and turned the world on its head. He spoke to the Israelites who were His chosen people and told them that an Roman soldier. A vile, hated, image of the tyranny over them, that Roman soldier had more faith than His own people. He spoke to the Jewish leaders and said they were filthy tombs. Clean on the outside, but full of dead man’s bones within. He spoke words that nobody wanted to hear.

He spoke truth.

Then He Died.

What a dark day that must have been, as all those who had begun to understand what God was doing. That God had come to be with us, and redeem us. Yet now he was. . . . dead? How could this be? They may have wondered is the God I worship good? Was I wrong about this man, Jesus?

Then the world changed forever. Jesus broke through the chains of death once in for all. This act was so powerful that it overcame all the evil, all the sin not just for that day but for ALL TIME!

Right now there is pain, right now there is heartache, right now there is darkness. But this is NOT the end of the story. God took steps to overcome this wicked world once and for all so long ago, and we are merely travelers here. This pain we live with, and the heartache we feel are merely shadows to remind us that there is something amazing waiting for us in our home. We must simply accept this gift that Jesus gave so long ago.

Is God Good? Yes.

Will we have dark days? Yes.

Does our pain change who God is? No.

Can God handle our doubts? Yes.

If you are struggling I encourage you to pour your heart out to God and let him know what is happening in your heart. Yes, He already knows what is there, but the act of revealing yourself to Him will help you. I also encourage you to seek out counseling. During times of darkness in our lives we should walk in community and not alone.



6 thoughts on “Is God Good?

  1. I use to struggle with this. Having all this bad stuff in the world all the while wondering if God is so good then why does it exist. Even after I accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior then baptized I still had my doubts. It was around the end of Summer last year that I watched the study of Revelation on Turning Point. After studying that book and fully understanding it that I was able to understand the madness of this world. To further my understanding, I read Killing Jesus by Bill O’Reilly. Those two sources helped me understand God’s purpose in this world and no longer doubt Him. God is amazing. God is our Father with only the best intentions for us. All we have to do is understand His love and accept Him into our hearts.

  2. What a great post and SO needed! I think that often we cling to that crutch that God is not present in troubles or hard time. I also think that when prayers aren’t answered or an illness goes uncured, people are quick to wonder why a good God could allow such heartache.This is such a perfect reminder of the sin that’s in the world! Thank you! I’m stopping by from IBN and am now a new follower. I’m also sharing this great post today!

    1. Sara Ann thank you for stopping by. Could you remind me of the URL for your blog? This post came out of some heart breaking news we received this week. This world is such a painful place. But I will choose HOPE!

  3. Hi,
    This is my first visit to your blog & I absolutely love your post today. So many people struggle to reconcile the evil things that happen in this world with the existence of a good God. I think your words are very wise – that it is okay to have doubts & to share them with your Heavenly Father. He understands, and wants to hear the honest cry of our hearts!

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