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 I received  the book On Calvary’s Hill by Max Lucado from Family Christian for the purpose of review. All opinions that are contained in this post are my own. 



On Calvary's Hill


As a family we try to have a regular family Bible time together. We have done many different things over the years. One year we read through a children’s Bible and talked about the stories with the kids. Last year my husband worked with the kids to make the characters of the Christmas story out of oatmeal canisters. The process took the whole year, and now the kids can act out the Christmas story using their little characters. It is fun to watch, but it does get a bit messy.

Currently we are working through the book, On Calvary’s Hill by Max Lucado. This little book is packed full of stories about Jesus’ days before his Crucifixion. I am a huge fan of Max Lucado. His style of writing can be so memorizing at times. This little book is quite a gem.

Each short chapter contains a brief account of what Jesus was living through as He lived out his final days. Each chapter paints a vivid picture, and pulls you into the moment with our Lord. The chapter when Max Lucado describes Jesus washing the feet of the disciples, he brings out the point that Jesus washed Judas’ feet too. Jesus was being very intentional in washing the feet of ALL his disciples including Judas.

When we get all the kids together for Bible time it gets a bit difficult to really keep the kids attention so having something short, yet powerful has been really nice. I personally enjoy these readings a lot. Reading through On Calvary’s Hill is not like reading through some children’s Bible stories that are a bit repetitive.

One of the goals I have for this year for our family is that we look at Easter in a different way than what we have before. I am not one who manages to plan a ton of things and get them all done for any holiday. Our family life is just a bit too crazy. So having a tool like this book helps us to keep Easter in the forefront of our thoughts as we move through this season of Lent.

What are you doing with your family to prepare for the Easter season? Are you doing anything different this year? Are there things that you hope to change next year? I would love to hear what you are doing, and if you are interested in getting a copy of the book On Calvary’s Hill by Max Lucado you can click here.


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