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Keep it Shut by Karen Ehman

Keep it Shut by Karen Ehman: A book Review.

Over the past couple of weeks I have been reading through the book Keep it Shut by Karen Ehman. Currently there is a study going on over at Proverbs31 Ministries on this book. I am not participating in the study, but I did want to read the book so when I got a chance to review the book from I grabbed it.

Keep It Shut

Keep it Shut by Karen Ehman is a delightful book that should be on every woman’s shelf. In this book Karen Ehman humorously discusses an issue that many of us struggle with, keeping control of our speech. Keep it Shut looks at many different ways that we use our speech to hurt, abuse and to sin against those around us while providing Biblical resources to teach the reader how to behave differently.

I have been looking forward to reading this book. I am glad I have had the opportunity to read this book. I believe it will be one that I will keep on my shelf and refer back to for many years to come. Karen Ehman gives many practical ideas on how to move away from a sinful way of speaking to seasoning our speech with salt and grace as we interact with those around us and seek to reflect Jesus Christ in our daily lives. The ways the book is written lends itself to easy reading and it would make a really wonderful study for a woman’s Bible Study topic. Karen Ehman moves the reader through the Biblical principles of how we are to use our words to build up those around us and ways that we fall short of what God is calling us to.

As wives, mothers and friends we have a great deal of power in the words that we use each and every day. I know that I personally struggle with using my words in a way that is uplifting rather than destructive. I can easily allow my emotions to dictate to me how I speak to my husband or my children rather than allowing God to direct the words that come from my lips. I have enjoyed this book and I believe it has really gotten my attention to think more carefully before I speak whatever just pops into my head. I know that as we move through our busy days as moms, there are many times throughout the day that we have opportunities to speak life to our children. I pray that this book will be a beacon for all of us to remember to Keep it Shut and allow God to speak through us.




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