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goPure Eye Gel: A Review


I don’t know why it is, but pregnancy changes more than just the physical shape of a woman’s body. One change that I have noticed since having my babies is I have a tendency to be more sensitive to facial products, lotions, creams and makeup in general. Recently in fact I had to stop wearing makeup all together because of the burning it was causing to my face.

In addition to the allergic reactions I have also noticed that my skin is actually in need of more moisture that I usually get from lotions and creams. I found myself in a bit of a pickle. My skin is now drier, but also more in need of a very gentle product that can provide the moisture.

I have considered making my own facial creams. I have seen many different recipes online for all natural, homemade face creams and moisture sticks. I like the idea, but frankly I really don’t have time to be making everything I use from scratch.

I was glad when goPure sent me some of their eye gel to try out and review.

The morning I used the product for the first time I was glad I had it, because of the major puffiness around my eyes from lack of sleep the night before. As a mother being up at night with little ones can be a common occurence, but you don’t necessarily want to look haggard and exhausted all the time even if you are!

I applied the eye gel as directed and when I first applied the gel I felt a little bit of a tingle and wondered if I was going to have a problem with using the product. I left it one for a few minutes and soon the sensation cleared and I did not have any further issues.

When using a product that is supposed to reduce puffiness I assume there will be things in there that will cause a tingling sensation to the skin as the product does its work. I was pleased with the result and the puffiness around my eyes soon cleared.

The directions on the bottle says that for best results it is important to use the product twice a day. I think that it would be a nice product to use after washing your face each day. After you cleanse you skin, it is nice to pamper you skin as well.

If you are looking for more information about this eye gel check out their Facebook page. 

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